Sports Medicine: For Exercise and Sports-related Injuries

Sports Medicine

If you are an athlete, you know how important it is to do the exercises safely as they can lead to several injuries. Since a person who is into sports is susceptible to injuries, they need to know a dependable physician who can help them with sports medicine in Sanford.

What Is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is a field of medicine that is concerned with general physical fitness and aims at preventing the injuries that might be caused as a result of any kind of sports or exercise; it is also known as sports and exercise medicine.

Sports medicine requires a team to be practiced efficiently, as it involves the treatment as well as rehabilitation of the injured athletes; it takes care of all-around coping of the athlete. So, the team has medical as well as non-medical specialists, for example, physical therapists, personal trainers, physicians, surgeons, sports psychologists, etc.

Some Common Injuries Related to Sports

Exercising is very important for everyone as it has immense medical benefits, however, there is also a risk that comes with it and that is an injury. However, having a good sports medicine facility in the nearby area can help you in exercising well while having your mind at peace.

Let’s have a look at some of the common sports-related injuries:

  • Fracture.
  • Tendonitis.
  • Muscle pull.
  • Cartilage injuries.
  • Twisted or sprained ankle.
  • Asthma induced by exercise.
  • Concussion.
  • Injury in the knee or shoulder.
  • Ligament rupture.
  • Eating disorder.

Different Roles in a Sports Medicine Team

Physician- The physician assumes the responsibility of identifying, diagnosing, and deciding the course of treatment for the athlete’s treatment.

Physical therapist- Physical therapist will be responsible for rehabilitating athletes who are recovering from a serious injury or surgery of any kind. They conduct rehabilitation programs for the athlete to cope up.

Athletic trainer- The trainer makes sure to manage the team in such a way that it helps in preventing injuries and looks after the proper management and rehabilitation of the athletes who have faced any injury.

Dietitian- Sports medicine team’s dietitian helps the injured athlete take the proper amount of nutrition required for the recovery.

Sports psychologist- A sports psychologist helps the athletes in managing any mental or emotional trauma that they might be facing.

Sports medicine takes care of the holistic recovery of an athlete and aims at preventing injuries.