An Annual Exam: Everything You Need to Know

annual exam

Preventative health care is and will always be significant in dealing with health problems. Therefore, as a woman, it’s a great thing to consider taking that annual exam. The doctor will detect any underlying disease or disorder that is yet to develop some symptoms through such tests. A yearly PAP smear, for instance, is a proactive way of curbing cervical cancer. In Phoenix, Arizona, there are gynecological centers that can conduct tests such as pelvic floor exams. These Phoenix annual exam experts will do comprehensive work so that the results are accurate. What should anyone understand about these procedures?

Why Do You Need an Annual Exam?

Whenever you’re not having any health problems, you may likely forget about health checkups. The astonishing thing is that some diseases never show signs until they reach the life-threatening stages. Good examples are cancer and HPV (human papillomavirus).

It’s a beautiful thing to consider an annual exam as it brings to the surface such underlying conditions. The doctor can then plan how best to remedy the problem, and where necessary, they refer you to specialists.

What Happens During the Tests?

The main thing is assessing the different systems of your body for any abnormalities. The first target is the pelvic area, where the doctor will do pap smears to screen for cancer. They swab around the tissues at the cervix and send the sample to the medical lab for analysis. At the same time, they test the blood and urine for any present STIs. They do the tests precisely and comprehensively to bring the actual picture of your health condition.

You’ll find the gynecologist checking your weight, blood pressure, BMI, and such parameters during the physical evaluations. Such information could bring a bearing to the direction in which the treatment will take. If you’re a woman below the age of 25 years, you could receive an HPV jab. Since such sessions give room for open discussions, you are free to ask questions about your health. By going through your medical history, your doctor will know how best to give a response.

Since there is no one-fits-all treatment for specific reproductive health problems such as birth control and menstrual issues, these professionals will customize a solution to suit you well. They also consider your medical history and recent body changes.

Benefits of an Annual Exam

Many benefits come from taking an annual exam. One of them is the peace of mind you get after knowing that your health state is optimal. To some, it acts as a confirmation that everything is in control, especially after experiencing some persistent systems.

Secondly, it’s a preventative approach to keeping yourself safe from medical problems. There are serious diseases such as cervical and breast cancer which will come to light after a diagnosis. It gives room for early treatment.

Time and again, you have heard of the significance of annual tests. Going for these examinations is advisable as they help in the early detection of some underlying health problems. It gives room for early treatment. The doctor will perform tests such as PAP smears and administer HPV vaccines.