Sunglasses and Eyewear for Driving


Driving for long periods of time places our eyes under considerable strain. This fatigue has the ability to impact our levels of concentration as well as affect our vision. For this reason, its recommended that a suitable pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses are worn which have the ability to filter out harmful and distracting light, leaving you to concentrate on the task at hand.

If you’ve found long journeys taking their toll, keep reading and we’ll tell you what to look for in a pair of driving glasses.

Peripheral Vision

If you already wear a pair of eyeglasses when driving, it’s important that the design of the frame doesn’t affect your peripheral vision. Whilst our peripheral vision isn’t great for detecting colour or fine detail, it is very adept at detecting movement. The sort of movement that could see you notice a car sitting in your blind spot before a lane change.

It is for this reason that any pair of eye glasses you choose to wear whilst driving should be of an appropriate design. To check, carryout an eye exam which tests peripheral vision whilst wearing your glasses of choice. If you struggle or fail, it’s time to replace them.

Driving Fatigue and Hypnosis

Any type of fatigue will increase your reaction time and reduce your blink rate, not what you want to experience whilst driving. What you will notice is that blurred vision will accelerate the onset of fatigue much faster, and blurred vision is a common problem when driving.

A dirty windscreen, the presence of rainfall and the sheer variety of light sources your eyes are subjected to including the sun and car headlamps are a recipe for eye strain which will gradually reduce your ability to make clear and effective decisions.

A good pair of driving glasses will;

  • Filter out glare and stray light with the use of a polarised lens
  • Filter out the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun
  • Provide an optically correct medium for you to look out of

Hypnosis becomes a problem when you drive along a stretch of road that is mundane in nature requiring minimal driving input. In these situations, it is common for your concentration to lapse significantly but it has been suggested that the aforementioned polarised lens will go some way to offsetting these symptoms.

Find a Pair of Driving Glasses

Whether you wear prescription lenses or not, a good eyewear retailer will be able to suggest the perfect type of glasses to make the job of driving easier and less tiring. Lindberg eyewear features a contemporary design which utilises low profile frames which prevent obscuring of the vision. These frames in conjunction with a polarised lens of your choice should provide driving comfort in a variety of common conditions including bright and low light.

There are many frame manufacturers on the market so if Lindberg doesn’t take your fancy, there are sure to be several others that will. Once you’ve chosen a pair, be sure to undergo a peripheral vision test just to make sure they’re suitable.