The Popular Dianabol Explained


Dianabol is one of the old steroid drugs from the 1960’s which is still around today. With a still increasing popularity due to famous bodybuilder using the product, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ronnie Coleman.

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol which is chemically known as C20H28O2 has the steroid ingredient Methandrostenolone. This was originally used in the treatment of medical conditions such as hypogonadism. However, the uses of the drug as a body enhancing steroid was discovered and many bodybuilding started using the product. This drug is capable of increasing muscle strength. It is also conducive to protein synthesis.

Using Dianabol for Muscle Gain

One of the most known effects of using Dianabol is muscle gain. This is due to the production of hormones which are necessary for growth. These hormones signal the brain in the production of the protein that would create more muscles for the body. The drug is unlike any other steroid with the effects to the liver. This drug can easily pass through the liver. Note that the liver strains the unnecessary chemicals in our bloodstream thus making it easier to absorb. Aside from increased muscle production, the drug also helps to retain water.

How to take the Dianabol Drug

Dianabol’s effects can help create a second puberty. It is thus recommended to be used first in any steroid cycle. When taken, it shall begin a initial steroid stage. In this stage the body will produce hormones like testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate. This hormones contains material compounds that would help the body gain some muscle even without outside help.

What is the common dosage of this drug?

The common dosage prescribed in using this drug is 10 milligram. This dosage has a fast acting effect and also recovery time. A bodybuilder who uses this dosage could see more results in less time with their muscles. This can also help in treating muscle injuries with less time frame. These effects are the reason why the drug in this dosage is popular with bodybuilders.

This steroid is more commonly prescribed to men than to women, with a dosage of 25 to 50 mg daily. It is also paired with other popular steroids such as Deca Durabolin, Primobolan, and among many others.

Is Dianabol Right for you?

First of all this steroid still runs with a very low price point. With its considerably fast results that any user want, then this is the drug. Dianabol have continually emerged as one of the most popular steroid in the market, loved by many bodybuilders. It gives the user increase in their muscle size. There is also a increase on their their strength. Together with an increase in their physical performance and boosts their energy.

However, like any other drug, there are also some side effects that one needs to learn and understand before taking the drug. Avoid taking double for any missed dose because the drug might cause liver complications. Remember, an excess of anything is bad for the body. One should remember that taking steroids help in maintaining a healthy body. However proper exercise and diet is still necessary for the desired result.