Symptoms of Low Testosterone


Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men, it’s responsible for the sexual development of an individual and his phenotype. It’s a known fact that testosterone levels decrease as men age; however, too low concentration of this important hormone can negatively affect men’s health causing obesity, depression, diabetes and increasing cardiovascular risks; therefore, it should be treated using special medications ( provides explicit information about these preparations). The thing is that testosterone not only regulates male sexual function, but also participates in certain metabolic processes in the body. So, it’s essential for a man to know the symptoms of low testosterone.
The character of low testosterone symptoms depends on the age of a man. Decreased concentration of testosterone in boys before or during puberty causes underdevelopment of secondary sexual characteristics, whereas such change in testosterone levels happening in mature men can cause certain sexual disorders.
Here are some of the main symptoms of low testosterone:
• Lack of energy. Physiologically normal testosterone levels increase the amount of energy that allows a man to perform certain types of physical and mental activities. Individuals with low testosterone report severe fatigue, inability to work hard and lack of energy even after prolonged rest.
• Decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. Testosterone stimulates sexual desire in men and helps to get an erection as well. Therefore, too low levels of testosterone decrease the desire to have sex and make it more difficult to achieve an erection during sex and to have nocturnal erections.
• Low semen volume. Researchers believe that low testosterone levels result in the release of less semen during ejaculation.
• Reduced muscle mass and increased body fat. The building and development of muscles depend on testosterone, so low concentrations of this hormone cause decreases in muscle mass. Moreover, this process is accompanied by increase in body fat; some men can develop gynecomastia. Researchers claim that testosterone affects the way the body stores fat.
• Mood changes. Low testosterone can provoke depression, irritability, concentration problems and decreased self-confidence.