The Best and Worst Ways to Store Weed


Storing weed is a very problematic matter. There are many things you need to consider, from safety to freshness, flavor and smell. Since weed is legal in so many states, and it is no longer considered a taboo subject, it is time that we all learned the proper way to store it. Depending on your needs, you can choose basic containers that you have at home, or store-bought containers that are specifically designed for storing weed.

Best ways to store weed

  • Airtight containers, especially if they are made of glass – Use Boveda packs to keep the weed at the right humidity. The ideal humidity for keeping weed fresh is somewhere around 55% to 62%. Whatever container you choose, keep it in a dark place to prevent the weed from drying.
  • Smell proof bags-The great thing about weed bags is that they come in a wide variety of sizes, so they are convenient to travel with. You can find the highest quality odor proof bags at The bags sold on that website are FDA approved for food products, and they are Kosher, BPA, TSE Sulfur and Phthalates free. Moreover, these bags have an integrated moisture barrier which prevents the weed and the edibles from drying out. You can choose between plastic and paper bags, both of which do an excellent job at trapping the sharp weed smell.

Worst ways to store weed

  • Keeping it in the freezer– While kitchen herbs can safely be stored in the freezer to stay fresh for a long time, the same does not apply to marijuana. The freezing process dries the trichomes, which will result in tasteless weed.
  • Metal cans– The problem with tin cans is that they are not airtight. As such, the oxygen will dry the weed, and even if you add a Boveda pack, you can’t control the humidity in a container that is not properly sealed.
  • Generic plastic bags – There are many types of bags that can keep food fresh, like Ziploc bags or different types of sandwich bags. However, these bags are not great for storing weed. A normal type of plastic will create static, which will pull thetrichomes out of the weed, which will again result in tasteless weed.
  • Storing it with fruits of other types of fresh produce – In theory, this seems like a good idea as the fruit will maintain a high humidity. The problem is that the fruit can create too much humidity which can lead to the development of mold.