Three Noticeable Signs of Hair Loss


Some men and women find a number of shed hair strands on their hands and arms after showering and worry that perhaps their hair is beginning to fall out and thin but this is not always the case. A typical human will lose anywhere between 50 and 100 of strands a day as part of the natural cycle of his or her hair and it is only when the hair is lost in excess that it is considered hair loss. That said, it may very well be that your hair is already beginning to thin and there are a number of signs that may help you to find a hair loss solution long before you start covering your hair and head to hide a growing spot.

Genetics and hormones play a key role in the way that your hair count will change over the course of your lifetime and hair loss may also be attributed to medications, stress, diet, and even illness. The majority of men and women will experience thinning of their hair simply due to the aging process; although this is perfectly normal and even expected, you need not allow it to continue. New and improved hair loss treatment options are available to reverse the thinning of your hair without leaving your wallet empty and they look the same as your natural hair because these methods use real human hair as part of the process.

Bald Spots

This may sound fairly obvious but some people do not notice balding spots on their heads because of the way that they part their hair normally or because the balding area is outside the normal range of sight, such as on the back of the head. If you suspect that you may be losing your hair, look over your entire head for areas of concentrated hair loss that will show as a noticeably thinner or bald patch on your scalp and may occur on any area of the head. Treatments for hair fall problems will help you reverse this issue, add volume to your existing hair, and allow you to enjoy your daily routine without fear of others spotting your balding spots.

Extreme Loss

One of the most telling signs that you are losing hair is actually in the way it sheds rather than that it sheds at all since you should naturally lose hair from all over your scalp and not one area all at once. If you brush your fingers through your existing hair and have clumps of hair on your palm and in your fingers instead of just a few strands, you are likely losing hair at an abnormal rate. This increased rate is not something that you can ignore if you do not want to see your hair disappear entirely in the future and so you must consider hair loss solutions as quickly as possible.

Visible Scalp

It may be that you can now see your scalp through your hair, either when it is wet or when it is dry. Women typically experience hair loss on the top of their heads and will begin to see more of their own scalp over time. This is a clear and fairly noticeable indication of long-term hair loss.