The Health of Your Family, the Health of Your Pets


In certain psychological, emotional, and socioeconomic ways, the health of your family can be directly related to the health of your pets. That statement may seem a little funny, but when you begin to look into the details, it makes complete sense.

Consider for a moment, the reasons for owning pets, what pet insurance can do for you, how pets help you learn life skills, how your pets are part of the memories that you make over the years, and practical reasons for have pets (for helping with disabilities, for instance).

The Reason For Owning Pets

Think about the reasons you got your pet in the first place. Was it a family decision? Did your family take in a stray? Did you buy a puppy for a child’s Christmas present? The initial reasoning behind the acceptance of a pet into a family unit is a good indication of many communication factors within the relationship units. The health of the family discussions and involvement regarding pets is a good showcase of good vs. bad connection patterns.

Buying Pet Insurance

And families that have healthy financial patterns will also do thing like buy pet insurance. This is to try to mitigate costs of accidents or other situations that can occur with pets that lead to either major hits to wallets or the required decision to depart ways with the pet in question. Especially when it comes to things like spaying, neutering, emergency coverage, or genetic dispositions, there are great reasons to have insurance on an animal that is just as much a part of your healthy family as the blood relatives are.

Learning Life Skills

When you own a pet, you learn healthy life skills. Kids learn responsibility. Parents learn to coordinate neighbors when pets need to get looked after during vacations. There’s extra emotional value in homes. And even things like grief and learned when pets die because they live shorter lives. So many healthy lessons to be learned from your furry friends!

Memories Over the Years

You’ll notice that a lot of memories that you have from your childhood will be centered around pets. And you can give those same memories to your family as you get older into adulthood as well. Mental and emotional health is all about sharing in experiences, and pets can be a huge part of this!

Practical Applications for Pets

And other than for cuddles and love, there are practical reasons for having some types of pets around as well. There are dogs that help with anxiety in veterans, for example. Or seeing eye dogs. Or therapy cats! The point is that you can use all these things for their intended purposes, as well as knowing what function they could provide for your family.