The Surgical Way to Bust Enhancement


Since time immemorial, women have been obsessed with the curves on their body. Each era had its own style and pattern, but breasts were always in trend. It is not only a food for the child but also a symbol of beauty. Curvier the bust, prettier the woman – this principle has been followed across all eras in forms of painting, sculptures, and dance forms. Writers and poets wrote poems admiring the feminine soul and the suppleness they carried. The idea of the female form has been constant across all generations and till date men and the society continues to fantasize around the same. With changing dynamics, there are correction centers opening up which help women correct their cup size along with other body parts.

The patterns and the procedures

For those women wish to go for an overnight increase in bust change should opt for surgery. Breast implantation process is expensive but extremely popular in the modern world. More and more women are opting for this form of breast augmentation as multiple clinics and treatment centers are mushrooming around. The Internet is flooded with dos and don’ts around such surgeries to attain total curve for your body. Two major kinds of breast implants are there, namely – saline and silicone breast implants. The major difference between the two is the mechanism and feature each of them possesses.

While saline filled implants consist of silicone shells filled with saline water, silicone gel-filled implants which are basically silicone shells filled with silicone (plastic gel). Most women recommend the latter as saline-based implants have a tendency of leakage while silicone implants give a natural look and feel. The procedure hardly takes more than two hours. The patient is given general anesthesia, which makes it pain-free and comfortable. The cosmetologist surgeon makes cuts under the breasts, arms and around the nipples. The cuts largely depend on your body type and the implant type you are opting for and also the enlargement size. The breast implants are put into a pocket right above or below the patient’s chest muscle. Upon completion of the surgery, the surgeon meticulously seals the cuts with surgical tapes and sutures.

Post-surgery cure and precautions

The breast implantation procedure is nothing less than a real surgery. Thus, proper care needs to be taken to maintain the healing process. The breasts are covered with gauze tape and drainage tubes attached to the body. Intense care needs to be taken for a month and a half after the surgery. For example, you should not lift any heavy weight or exercise much. There are over the counter (OTC) pain relievers like acetaminophen, which will help cure the pain and momentary discomfort. Likewise, you can ask your doctor to prescribe medicines that will numb the wound and hasten the healing process. You may have some swelling the area of surgery and minor scars. This will heal fast and soon it will be all natural. Most patients might have to wear a surgical bra as well to provide full coverage for the same.