Things to Know Before Going for Laser Hair Removal in Pearland


Are you tired of shaving and waxing? You may want to consider laser hair removal, which is one of the safest and popular cosmetic procedures in the US. Many clinics and medspas in Pearland offer the option, and the results are usually permanent. As the name suggests, the procedure relies on laser light to “kill” the hair follicles. Before you consider laser hair removal in Pearland, below are some key things to know. 

What Is the Procedure Like?

Before the session, your dermatologist or aesthetician will clean the targeted area. A numbing cream can be used 30 minutes before the actual procedure, minimizing discomfort during the procedure. You will be asked to wear protective eyewear, and the aesthetician will use a special laser device on the targeted device. Even with numbing cream, you may feel some pricking on the skin, which is typically bearable. The time needed for each session varies on the targeted area being treated, and most people need at least two to three sessions for permanent hair removal. If a small skin area is being treated, such as the upper lip, the treatment can be completed in a few minutes. There is typically a gap of at least six weeks between two sessions. 

Are There Aftercare Instructions?

Although laser hair removal is a safe procedure, there can be possible side effects. Since your skin has been exposed to laser light, it is more sensitive, and therefore, it is necessary to avoid direct sun exposure. Your dermatologist will advise against using a tanning bed or sun lamp, and you may have to use certain skincare products to soothe the skin. There can be mild swelling on the skin after laser hair removal, which should subside in a few days.

Does the Choice of a Clinic in Pearland Matter?

Yes, absolutely. At the hands of a board-certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon, aesthetician, or dermatologist, it is possible to minimize the side effects of laser hair removal. You can expect better aftercare and preventive measures at the right clinic. Don’t select a salon or clinic because they are offering cheap deals. Laser hair removal is an advanced procedure, which must be done carefully. 

Check online for the best-rated clinics in Pearland for laser hair removal and ask for an appointment. You need to avoid waxing for at least six weeks before the actual session. Talk to the aesthetician to know more.