Equip Yourself With Microneedling Facts Before You Settle on the Treatment


If you have experimented with almost every magic serum in the cosmetic world and are still searching for an effective option to resolve acne scars, hyperpigmentation and fine lines, worry no more. Bowling Green Microneedling Specialist Danny Harrison is the surgeon to contact. Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure where your aesthetician punctures your skin with micro-fine needles to stimulate your healing process by producing elastin and collagen. Additionally, the medical professional adds topical products like vitamin C on your skin during the puncturing process to penetrate deeper inside your skin to give you desirable results. Your doctor will consider various factors, including your aesthetic goals, before recommending the treatment.

What Microneedling Facts Should You Know Before Your Appointment?

Though microneedling looks straightforward, the cosmetic option is one of the most delicate treatments. Therefore, you must ensure your healthcare provider is a professional in the industry with past treatment evidence. Take your time and settle on a practitioner with an outstanding reputation to be comfortable and confident of your results. Knowing that an excellent surgeon is handling you will help you relax and stay calm throughout the process. Before your microneedling appointment, you might want to know some trivial facts about the treatment. They include:  

Microneedling Might Be Pretty Uncomfortable

You will most likely feel some painful sensations since the treatment is minimally invasive, forcing your doctor to poke your skin repeatedly. The good news is that the procedure is fast and easy. Additionally, the pain might not linger for long.

It Is an Ideal Treatment to Enhance Your Skin Texture

Fine lines, large pores, and acne scars can take a toll on your skin texture. The procedure’s combination of a wound healing process and topical products’ penetration rids your skin of bacteria, accelerating your regeneration process.

Results Are Almost Immediately

Side effects like swelling are standard after a microneedling session. However, the redness and swelling will not take long to resolve. After the effects subside, you will notice a different glow and volume on your skin, giving you a refreshing look. To maintain the dewy look, the medical professional may suggest occasional in-office treatments and at-home dermarolling.

You Should Stay Hydrated After the Procedure

Using moisturizers with ceramides, hydrating water sprays, and formulas or creams with hyaluronic acid on your skin after the process soothes your treatment areas, minimizing redness. The healthcare provider might advise you not to use abrasive treatments like exfoliators and alcohol-based products until your face heals.

Staying Inactive for a Few Days Enhances Your Healing Process

To give your skin an ample healing phase, you might need to tone down your exercises, especially if you are physically active and hit the gym often. Your skin does not need sweat as it heals because the body fluid will most likely cause inflammation. Additionally, the medical expert might advise staying away from direct sunlight after microneedling because the exposure might trigger irritation.

A microneedling treatment is an aesthetic process your healthcare provider is likely to recommend after other cosmetic procedures fail to give you the ideal results you are looking for. Contact your cosmetic surgeon to know if you are suitable for the treatment.