Top 3 Kent Air Purifiers to Make Indoor Air Pure and Healthy


The national capital was engulfed in a thick blanket of smog a few days back and the government was helpless. People were advised to stay indoors and schools were shut. It is not that the air quality is depleting only in metros; even small cities are bearing the brunt of bad air quality. When compared to the other parts of the world, India’s air quality is one of the worst.

Whatever be the reason for this bad air quality, the fact is that it is increasing health problems amongst the people. Today, almost one in two people in the country are showing some signs of allergy and this trend is across the population irrespective of age or gender. While we cannot stop breathing for sure, we need to find some cure. The ultimate solution is obviously getting rid of pollution, which is easy to say and very difficult to do. The governments are busy tackling that and as the citizens of the world, we should help in whatever way we can.

Till clean and pure air is freely available, we need to find some remedy to keep ourselves healthy. The best bet is to get air purifiers installed at our homes and offices so that at least when indoors we can breathe in clean and pure air.

Here are 3 top models of air purifier India from Kent, which are very effective.

Kent Alps Air Purifier

This is a very powerful air purifier with inbuilt ionizer and HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. This filter is so powerful that it has the potential to trap and remove 99.97% of all the particles that are circulating in the air of size up to 0.3 µm. There is a unique 3 stage filtration mechanism built in this purifier, which is Impact, Interception, and Diffusion and using this unique mechanism all the pollutants that normally exist in air, including dust mites, pollens, mould spores and pet dander get trapped in it.

The inbuilt ionizer improves the freshness of air by releasing negative ions. These cations then trap the pollutants to make the indoor air fresh to breathe. It’s a pedestal model, so you can keep it in any room you want.

Kent Aura Air Purifier

This model is slightly economical, but it does not mean that the technology used is obsolete. It comes with an advanced HEPA filter, which is capable of removing PM (Particulate Matter) 2.5. It is the perfect choice for any room size of up to 270 sq-ft. All of 5 Kg in weight, this pedestal purifier can be easily carried from one room to other.

Kent Magic Car Air Purifier

Now that you have access to safe and clean air inside your homes and offices, what about the time when you are commuting from office to home or vice versa. Kent has taken care of that and has come up with Kent Magic Car Air Purifier. This compact 161x161x64 mm appliance is a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning the air in your car. It can be conveniently kept in any size car and connected to a 12V car charger socket, it silently does its job.

A good air purifier is very much required today to trap all allergens, which can be pollen, dust mites, dander mould spores etc. from indoor air. This indoor air can be of your home, office or car. Bad air is detrimental to everyone’s health, but more so for kids and elderly as they have a weak immune system. Invest in these great air purifiers and stay healthy breathing clean and pure air.