Top 3 Reasons why does Baldness affect only Men


Whilst both the sexes can experience the hair loss problem due to genetic baldness, it tends to be more apparent in the male with complete baldness. It is a most prevalent question in the treatment of the hair loss world, why is it more common in men and not much specified with females. Both the sexes receive the genes for hair loss due to the Androgenic alopecia from their parent and show the male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness respectively.

The hair loss or baldness in men is treated by the hair transplant surgery because it is an only method that restores the original hair back that adheres to the normal character of the normal hair. However, the transplanted hair retains the characteristic of natural hair with matching the characteristic of length, texture, caliber, and life as well. The hair transplant in India offers you the best practices of the service offered by the best Surgeons & Doctor at a reasonable cost.

It has been found out that 70% of men and 40% of women are affected by the hair loss problem at some point in their lifetime due to the most common cause of androgenic alopecia.

It is very important to understand why baldness more observable in men than women and their causes can clear it to some extent as described below:

  1. DHT (Di-Hydro Testosterone): DHT is a type of Androgen hormone, a male sex hormone responsible for the male sex characters produces the DHT after a catalytic effect of Testosterone with the combination of 5-alpha reductase. And as a by-product, it presents the most peculiar case of hair loss in the form of complete or partial baldness in men. The Androgen receptor presents in hair follicles respond to the DHT and hair follicles get shrinks and miniaturization presents that ultimately cause the baldness. When we talk about women they also possess the Androgen hormone, but their severity of making DHT is less and that’s why women are less likely to present the complete state of baldness.
  2. Baldness is most peculiar in Men: It is usually seen that the state of hair loss started from the top, front, and crown area in men due to the androgen-sensitive areas, except the back & sides. The hair loss occurs in these areas shows the complete sign of baldness and the back and sides of the scalp portion contain the DHT-resistant hair roots that never fall out, whereas women show the hair thinning all over the area of the scalp. It means the baldness is peculiar in men due to the DHT-factor (by-product) and female shows the severe hair fall as opposed to missing.
  3. Hair Loss due to Hormone: It is a more common factor that hair loss experienced due to the effect of hormone and some men could make a lot of hormones than others and some men possess more Androgen receptors than normal. However, the hair loss occurs as an activity of Androgen receptors found in the hair follicles and hair got shrunk and a different state of baldness occurs as well. The hair loss is experienced by both men and women, but the Testosterone responsibility for the case make it more peculiar in men than women. The men started the sign and symptoms of hair loss in their teens and early twenties, whereas women experience the severe hair loss after menopause. This is not because of an increase of Testosterone hormone, but rather because they experience a change in other hormone levels.


On the whole, we can say that the hair loss can occur in both the genders, but the complete sign of baldness with a most peculiar state of baldness is only seen in men due to DHT (Di Hydro Testosterone) a by-product, which makes hair follicles hard to live.