Easy Nutrition Advice for Those Who Want to Lose Weight


Contrary to common belief, sports nutrition isn’t anything that much out of the ordinary, and it’s really quite simple. If you have no real interest in the nitty gritty or the science of sports nutrition, but you want to get the best from a diet and weight loss programme, simply read below.

Try to Consume a Balanced Daily Diet

If you wish to exercise on a regular basis, you will have to provide a good supply of energy to your working muscles. The easiest way of doing this is by consuming a well-balanced breakfast and then be eating a combination of high-quality foods throughout the day.

  • Don’t forget, that protein and fat will also be a part of your diet and should be eaten every day.

In general terms, each meal should have a mixture of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Those people out there who are wishing to know how to prevent obesity in Singapore, can make a start by researching professional methods which can lead the way.

Several Hours before Working Out

All pre-exercise meal should differ depending on exercise type. If you enjoy an evening workout, lunch should consist of easily digestible foods which are high in complex carbohydrates, as in vegetables, pasta, breads and fruit.

If you’re an early riser, you’ll maybe feel better when eating a light breakfast of eggs or fruit and toast. Don’t forget that we are all different, so try a little experimenting to find out what works perfect for you.

  • And whatever you decide on eating, consume some water before and (and if it’s lengthy) during any early exercise.

About 30 Minutes before Exercising

This will depend on the type and length of your exercise workout, and you may wish to eat a small type of snack and drink some water around a half an hour before you begin.

  • Bananas have been trending in the fitness and weight loss community and now become a favoured choice for many people who wish to take good care of their body.

And don’t forget, always drink some water about an hour before a workout starts, so that you will be hydrated during exercising.

Rehydrating is Vital

After your session is completed, the general rule for drinks is both simple and logical: enough water to help restore any water which you lost through sweat. You can achieve this by weighing yourself before and after exercise and then drink enough water until your body tells you that you are full.

Eating After Working Out

It is a good idea to eat your post-exercise meal within two hours after any lengthy or intensive workout so to help in replenishing glycogen levels.

Scientific research has shown that eating 100-200 grams of carbohydrate within around two hours of any extended exercise, assists in replenishing the proper amount of glycogen stores.

Keep going at your weight loss and exercise programme and you will definitely receive the results you wished for!