Top Medical Alert Systems Available For 2017


Growing older is an inevitable certainty for everyone, and nearly all senior citizens prefer to age in the comfort of their home, not in a hospital or nursing home.  As the body ages, there are certain risks involved in living alone.

The National Council on Aging has found that one-third of all adults 65 or older experience a fall at least once per year.  It is crucial that elderly citizens have access to speedy medical assistance, especially when living alone.  Here are a few quick reviews of some of the top-rated medical alert systems for 2017.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian’s alert system is one of the best systems on the market due to its extended range.  The system also offers a variety of tech boosts and options for the user.  Medical Guardian boasts stellar in-home services and mobile guardians equipped with fall-detecting GPS.

The Medical Guardian’s call center staff is manned with well-trained individuals that will quickly and appropriately provide help when users are in need.  Trusted by thousands of senior citizens nationwide, the Medical Guardian alert system is one of the very best available.

Bay Alarm Medical

Living alone with a disability can be terrifying when trouble strikes.  The family is not always able to be present at all times, and some symptoms of aging can require the need for constant standby assistance.  The Bay Alarm Medical alert system can bring peace of mind to the elderly and their loved ones.

The mechanism has a range of up to one thousand feet and it is easy to use.  Bay Alarms come as a waterproof necklace or a stylish wristband for unbeatable mobility.  It also comes equipped with a backup battery in the case of a power outage.

ADT Medical Alarm

Already established in the world of home security systems, ADT’s Medical Alert System is one of the most reliable medical response devices on the market.  ADT also provides an around the clock call center, fully staffed with knowledgeable individuals who are ready to help at any hour of the day or night (even during the holidays).

LifeFone Medical Alert

LifeFone has been in the business of bettering the lives of elderly individuals for over forty years.  The range provided by their monitoring services is among the best.  LifeFone services offer several thorough care plans and coverage to fit the individual needs of every device user.

Alert1 Medical Alert

Alert1 Medical Alert System makes the top listings for senior citizens because it is available to people in every state.  It is also one of the very few alert companies that offer multilingual emergency support.

The Alert1 Medical Alert System does not require any long-term service contracts.  There is no installation fee or activation fees either, making this one of the most affordable options for those in need.