Varieties of Kratom Extracts Make Them an Indispensable Source of Benefits


Kratom is also known as ketum and has a scientific name as Mitragyna speciosa. It is a part of coffee family and remains evergreen because it is a tropical plant. It is used in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, New Papua Guinea and Myanmar as a medicine. It has stimulant effects and opioid properties that help in getting relief from pain.

Traditionally, this plant is used for many medicinal benefits. Its leaves are crushed and chewed to get relief from musculoskeletal pain and helps in increasing appetite, sexual desire and energy. The extracts are used to cure wounds and injuries. Leaves and their extracts are also used to treat diarrhea, cough, and abdominal infection. Since this plant is very bitter therefore, it is eaten with sweetener.

Ever since kratom has found its way in medicine industry after a long journey, its extracts are used in many other ways in better forms. Kratom is quite renowned in western countries and so are its extracts. Depending upon its properties and usage, kratom extract is used in the variety of alcohol, water, acid etc. All these extractions have unique properties that differ depending upon the concentration of this herb.

When it comes to medicinal benefit, kratom extracts are taken in the powder or capsule form. It is safe, legal and helps in fighting back anything from arthritis pain to side effects of chemotherapy. After long time of usage in other countries, finally this herb is available in United States as well.

Citizens of countries where this plant is grown prefer chewing leaves directly to get natural juice extract. However, when you get it in United States, you should know that this plant is imported. This means leaves are dried before importing so that they last longer.

To understand the right kind of extract, we have listed down various forms –

  • Water based
  • Liquid
  • Resin
  • UEI

Water based

This is the most common type of extract from kratom. There are 5x, 10x or 15x mentioned on the label simply to let us know, how many leaves were used to bring it to this state. This number has got nothing to do with the potent of the extract. You can start with a test dose in the beginning, to ensure its strength. This standard water extract is more motivating than any other form.


Kratom tincture is the liquid form of extract. They are expensive but, their potency is very low compared to the price. As it is, getting the extract that are potent enough to dissolve in 50 ml of alcohol or water is difficult to find.


This is the best concentration that contains not only the extracts but also full range of alkaloids, plant oil and little chlorophyll. These things aren’t added separately but, they get mixed during extraction. It is prepared with the mix of polar and non-polar solvent which is like alcohol and water mixed together. This kind of mixture gives a sedating experience.


It is strongest product of all the above-mentioned kinds. It is a golden set of extract which takes a lot of effort and expensive equipment to prepare. They add the extract provided from whole leaf and is now sold at high price.

There are very mild effects of kratom like nausea, constipation and vomiting. Initially, you might be intolerant but with time you get accustomed to it.