Wellness Checks at Different Age and Maturity Levels


To have the most meaningful and satisfying life possible, it’s essential to be able to check in with yourself physically and emotionally, and it’s crucial that you have methods to check in with the other people that you care about during different phases of their lives.  Wellness checks are different based on age and maturity level, so you should be prepared in all instances to observe and analyze diverse situations.

So what are some examples of ways that you can check in with people’s wellness at various stages of their lives? You can look for signs of emotional stress in teens. Make sure you know what signs of elder abuse are if you have a parent that is under the care of someone else as they are aging. You should know how to recognize relationship issues with people who are in their middle ages. And finally, you should acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all nutrition and exercise check for different people of different ages.

Signs of Emotional Stress in Teens

Teenagers can have a rough time of it these days. If you want to perform a general wellness check on the team, you should look for signs of emotional stress. Teenagers are notoriously private about what they’re going through, and this is not necessarily healthy. If you recognize signs of depression especially, you can take steps to make sure that they understand that they have options of people to talk to.

Elder Abuse

On another side of the spectrum, watch out for signs of elder abuse if you have an aging parent who is in the care of others. Sometimes elder abuse goes undetected because people aren’t sure what signs to look for, and older parents can also tend to be uncommunicative past a certain point.

Relationship Issues in Middle Age

When people are in their 30s through 60s, one of the most common wellness checks that should be performed is checking for relationship issues as associated with marriages. Middle-aged people can hang onto their marriages even if it’s not healthy. You may need to help a friend of yours decide if it’s time for a divorce. And if you are uncomfortable with your relationships during that period of life, it may be that someone else has to do a wellness check on you and make sure your marriage is strong enough to be healthy.

Nutrition and Exercise Checks

Wellness checks also should make quick observations about nutrition and exercise. Just be sure that you understand that at different phases of life, different people need different styles of food and varying amounts of movement and activity. You don’t want to overexert the very young or the very old, and you should also recognize that nutritional needs change over time for people.