What you probably didn’t know about nose filters


A nose filter is a small device that a person can wear in this nose. Its size is like the contact lens’ size and it works similar to a miniature air filter. With passing time, these nose filters are getting highly popular with people because they help in filtering out pollen besides other allergens keeping them away from your sinuses. According to a small study report, this nasal filter is capable of keeping away your daily sneezing by 45% and daily runny nose by 12%. The filter of the nasal filter is created from a flexible frame which gets inserted into both your nostrils.

There is present a filtering membrane on both the frames for each nostril. In fact, there is a little plastic band which is visible at the lowest portion of the nose between your nostrils. Based on the density of the filter, it does block particular particles in the air that includes pollen from grass and it is considered one of the recurrent causes of hay fever. For people who wish to attempt allergen avoidance in place of medications, this can be a practical solution compared to wearing a mask. Nose filters from MyHealthyAir are more cosmetically appealing in comparison to a mask.

The applicable environment

The applicable environs of wearing nose filters that includes nose filters from MyHealthAir are as follows:

  • The air quality of light contamination to the above weather, like dust, haze, etc.
  • Living in the pollen, catkins, dust, and other very small allergens-intensive surroundings.
  • House decoration, cooking, smoking places, and so on.
  • Long-term in the dust plus other particulate matter-intensive environments, like construction sites, production plants, etc.
  • Public transport, bus stations, railway stations, subway, hospitals, shopping malls, and numerous other personnel-intensive public places.

The ease of wearing

You can wear this device discretely and comfortably within your nose for a day! It would capture allergens while you will breathe normally. With time, the nasal filter adapts the shape of the nasal activity of the wearer and he/she turns less aware. However, you must remember that this device is meant for a single user only. Again, it is important to change the filter nearly once daily. The best thing is nose filters are very easy for applying to every kind of nostril in some moments’ time only. Again, it is possible for you to remove them too and stick them again for some time when needed.