What Can You Do with a Degree in Health Science?

Health Science

If you are considering a degree in health science, then there are all kinds of job opportunities that will be available to you when it comes time to graduate. Of course, this is a great degree to earn if you plan to eventually apply to medical schools, but that’s not the only trajectory that your life could take. There are all kinds of professions in the world of health that you could take on and each one of them is a vital part of a healthy and thriving society. Here is what you can do with a degree in health science.

Health Teacher or Educator

If you have a love for teaching and you love working with large groups of kids, then you might want to consider being a health teacher or physical education instructor. You can work with just about any age group as a P.E. instructor, but as a health teacher, you will be working with high school students – particularly high school freshmen. This isn’t a career that suits most people, but if you have the right temperament and you like taking 11 weeks off each year, then you might just love it.

Community Health Leader or Organizer

Some people can barely be bothered to care about their own health, let alone the health of an entire community. However, if living in a healthy community is important to you, then why not make it your job to implement the necessary changes in order to ensure the health of yourself and your neighbors? Everything from making sure that your community is supplied with clean air and water, to increasing the number of farmer’s markets and clean community parks could be a part of your job description.

Manager of a Health Sciences Lab

Have you ever tried to do research on a particular type of food, exercise, or human behavior and its effect on one’s health and came up with completely opposing results? This is because the field of health science is always growing and new developments are always being discovered. As the manager of a health sciences lab, you would be overseeing all kinds of exciting experiments that will lead to endless discoveries about the human body.

Healthcare Facility Coordinator

Every healthcare facility needs somebody to coordinate all kinds of logistics, from hiring doctors and administrative faculty, to purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, to organizing blood drives and immunizations. Your health science degree will enable you to play an integral part in improving the lives of hundreds of people who could otherwise be suffering from a myriad of health complications and illnesses.

Patient Education

Bedside manner is an important aspect of every doctor’s job. It’s one thing to save a person’s life or slow down the progress of their cancer, but breaking the news to them or explaining their prognosis is a completely different skill. What many doctors forget is that most of their patients didn’t earn a degree in medicine from George Washington University or Hofstra University, so teaching proper patient education is a very necessary part of passing the baton from the doctor to the patient when it comes time for the patients to start taking care of themselves.

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