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Almost everyone has had a headache experience. Statistics assume that about forty-five million people across the world suffer from severe and repeated headaches annually. Minor headaches are alleviated using the over-the-counter pain depressants, but the chronic ones need immediate medication from a trained healthcare provider. Experienced healthcare physicians at CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center diagnose and treat headache in Dundalk.

The leading team of physicians offering the treatment services is conveniently located in the following places: Rosedale, Onley, Lanham, Hyattsville, Gaithersburg, Baltimore, and Dundalk, Maryland. The health services are available for you even in your office or within the Washington D.C. regions. Call the CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center, or request an appointment via the online tool today.

Headache Question and Answers

What Is A Headache?

Headache is a pain that emanates from structures and tissues about the brain or skull. The pain rises from the upper neck or head.

How Does A Headache Come About?

The periosteum, the thin layer of tissues encompassing the muscles and bones encasing the skull, ears, sinuses, eyes, and tissues covering the spinal cord and brain surface called the meninges, nerves, veins, and arteries all can undergo inflammation and result in a headache.

Other ways the headache is caused include:

You can have toxic headaches that result from systemic illness such as dehydration or infection. Trauma from a fall or change in the circulation of blood flow can also result in headaches. Moreover, switching medications or drug withdrawal can also cause a headache; even changes in the brain’s chemistry can be related to headaches.

What are the Classifications of Headaches?

The International Headache Society circulated its new system of headache classification. The classification helps health physicians determine the diagnosis of the specific headache a patient could be having to address the condition with effective treatment. There are three main headache classifications depending on the sources of pain, they include:

  1.     Primary headaches
  2.     Secondary headaches
  3.     Facial pain and cranial neuralgias

Patients at times encounter different types of headaches at the same time.

Primary Headaches

Primary headaches include:

Tension headaches – mainly occur in women more often than men. It is a common type of headache; WHO estimates that one out of twenty people daily suffers from tension headaches in the developed world.

Migraine headaches – are the following common tension headaches that affect primarily young children. In their early stages before puberty, the disease affects both boys and girls, but it affects primarily girls rather than boys after puberty.

Cluster headaches – it is a rare kind of headache and affects mainly men in their late 20s.

Secondary Headaches

Secondary headaches are a result of underlying infectious or structural conditions in the neck or head. It is an expansive health complication arising from dangerous life situations like infections like meningitis or encephalitis, teeth pain, or sinus that is infected.

Facial Pain and Cranial Neuralgias

Cranial neuralgia shows the inflammation of the 12 nerves that carry sensory signals from the head and neck, like trigeminal neuralgia. Facial pain is related to temporomandibular joint or conditions causing the insufficient supply of blood in the face.

What are the Symptoms of Headaches?

The signs include chronic headache, headache on both sides of the head, sore throat or respiratory-associated headache, severe headache following a sudden move, or straining.

How are Headaches Diagnosed?

The physicians must comprehend the point of pain or the patterns of pain you are experiencing. The following is an evaluation you are likely to get during your consultation: physical assessment, observations, blood tests, eye exam, sleep evaluations, neurological exams, family history.

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