What is Quercetin and Where can you this from?


Do you want to live a longer life with a healthy lifestyle? Are you one of those who are asking how to maintain fit and good health? If yes, you have to learn some practices to achieve a healthy body. Doing some simple exercise daily is a great step to start with. Drink plenty of water and will keep you hydrated. Always include fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet.

Taking vitamins or supplements is another way to avoid being sick. Due to the advancement of technology, no surprise at all why there are many products on the market. Different manufacturers manage to produce supplements that will help maintain a strong body. These are well studied and usually from organic plants and vegetables. It is really important to have a healthy living, especially during these times.

People nowadays are prone to social media. There are a lot of products they wanted to try. But don’t be deceived by what you saw online, you need to research if that product is safe to use.

If you’re a curious type of person, you ever wondered what is the common antioxidant is present in many fruits? The answer is Quercetin. Below is some information about it.

What is Quercetin?

It is considered to be the most broadly distributed and studied flavonoid. This is based on a 2018 review. It shows in many studies to have anti-inflammatory, antiviral activities, and anti-carcinogenic. When it is merged with the health benefits of bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme. There isn’t much quercetin as an antioxidant compound can’t do.

This describes why many experts recommend eating food sources that contain quercetin. If you want to know what are those foods, here are some.

Foods that contain quercetin?

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Berries
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Raw Asparagus
  • Capers
  • Raw red onion
  • Olive oil
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Cherries

Quercetin is also in herbs namely:

  • John’s wort
  • American Elder
  • Ginkgo Biloba

Quercetin is technically considered a plant pigment. This is the reason why it is deeply colored, nutrient-packed vegetables and fruits. It is known as one of the ample antioxidants in the human diet. Quercetin also has a great role in fighting free radical damage. Which is the effects of inflammation and aging, based on many studies.

You can get plenty of these from eating a healthy diet, yet some people take this from supplement form. This is for stronger anti-inflammatory effects.

How does quercetin work?

According to research, anti-inflammatory foods that have quercetin can help in many ways. It can manage inflammatory health problems including blood vessel problems and heart disease. Also in chronic fatigue, allergies, infections, and symptoms related to autoimmune disorders. Just like arthritis, but how exactly flavonoids can benefit people?

It all boils down to high antioxidants foods, the capability to be scavenge free radicals. Quercetin is a major bioflavonoid in diets that helps slow the progress of aging.

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