What is Schizophrenia and How a Specialist Helps


One of the most vital organs of any human or for that matter any living mammal is its brain. This is the organ that regulates the working of the entire body. Any form of discrepancy in this important organ can be highly detrimental to the normal functioning of the body; as it is this organ that negotiates the way in which the other organs will function.

Among the several disorders of the brain that are common, Schizophrenia is a very popular one. The thing that happens in this disorder is that the perception of the suffering person is affected deeply. The normal way of thinking, according to human standards, is completely altered because of this brain damage. They are not able to think clearly and rationally, which is why they tend to go through a withdrawal procedure, socially.

A specialist of psychiatry Jonathan Lauter says that unfortunately this disorder can be treated with medication but to the extent that it helps reduces the intensity of the complication only. It is hence advisable to seek the help of experts who handle this kind of patients effectively. Any brain disorder requires extra care and love for the patient by the immediate family, instead of irritation and rejection. So veterans like Dr. Lauter who have the experience of more than 30 years should be sought after to get assistance on how to handle such patients.

Dr. Lauter’s popularity as a psychiatrist has reached great heights and his specialisation in clinical neurodevelopment is quite famous all over. His way of functioning is quite different in comparison to others of his fraternity. He believes in constantly keeping himself upgraded with the latest studies and researches related to the brain, so that he can work more effectively with his patients.

The point, at which the disorder of schizophrenia mainly attacks, is the cognitive ability of an individual. Apart from this the several chronic problems arise in the patient because of the kind of effect it has on the behaviour and emotions of the concerned. Though it might be the most commonly known mental disorder, yet is probably the most highly misconstrued of the lot. It is considered very commonly to be a split personality disorder most often than not.

Experts like Jonathan Lauter have noticed that the patient goes through a phase in which there is a disruption of the several nerve workings, which leads to social and occupational functional impairment. It is really sad to see how the patients of this mental illness do things that they would never normally do, such as repeat rhythmic gestures.

This mental ailment is said to be of four major types and the initial treatment of it comprises of administration of antipsychotic medications. One common misconception of this illness is bad parenting, but that is not true at all. It fact, it is not even the outcome of some sort of weakness of the individual as well.

The procedure of treatment of such patients may range from mere medication, counselling to even hospitalization, but what is most important in their treatment is the way you treat them and help them come out of the shackles such dreadful disease.