What Workout Equipment Should You Buy?


If you have the right workout equipment on hand, at home workouts may be some of the most effective. The infographic below provides a guide to choosing the equipment that is best for your goals and experience level. Once you get started, you could enjoy several benefits specific to working out at home.

Probably the most important reason to work out at home has to do with the results you can expect. When you choose equipment based on your own goals, rather than on popularity with other exercisers, your weight training sessions will be results-driven and more effective.

Another great benefit of at-home workout sessions is freedom from distractions. Gym memberships often come with a social aspect. This may be appropriate in some situations, but for serious weight training, you need to be focused on your form and movements.

The social setting of the gym has two other drawbacks. The first is that you often have to wait for access to the equipment that is most important to your workout goals. Even when the facility has the equipment you prefer to use, there can be many other individuals using it. Your ability to move from one routine to another may be hampered.

The second drawback relates to how you feel about working out in front of others. Whether you like to show off by choosing to move through workouts that you’ve already mastered or you’re worried about looking foolish, you can forget to focus on your form. Concern about your appearance can lead to a slower rate of improvement and the possibility of injury.

Once you’ve made the decision to keep your strength training sessions at home, dedicate a room or a corner to your workouts. Then use the infographic to determine which pieces of equipment deserve your investment.