Winstrol Especially For Athletes – Learn The Pros And Cons


There was a time when the two most famous nations were Soviet Union and USA was against each other. Everywhere they were in competition with one another, be it Olympics or any other sports event, they competed in the best possible way. The scientists of both the countries were encouraged to do researches in the genre of performance enhancement. This led to creation of another category of drug called Performance Enhancement Drug (PED)

This led to the introduction of Winstrol and Dianabol in the years around 1960. They were used mostly by the sports persons. In this article, you will learn more about Winstrol. Read this for more benefits and learn what safety measures to take.

The pros

A sports person specializing as an athlete can very much use Winstrol. With the use of this steroid, the athlete can easily attain an excellent body with good muscle strength. This steroid does not inculcate excessive aggressiveness. It keeps you cool and helps to focus on the sport.

One aspect is that this steroid does not let you gain excessive muscle. It basically makes you lean if combined with proper dieting. In addition, it is capable to intensify an athlete’s training regime.

In some countries you just can’t buy Winstrol for human consumption. However, vets and cattlemen use it for treating their animals. The most famous name of the steroid that is given to the animals is Finaplix-h. This is used to increase the weight of an animal before it is sent for slaughter. Amongst humans, the use is comparatively less. This is the primary reason why it is tough to find a pharmaceutical grade.

Athletes and steroids

Athletes when asked about the PEDs claim that Winstrol is milder than many steroids. It has comparatively lower androgenic and anabolic impact. Winstrol can either be taken through tablets or an injection. Many theories claim that the injection has better impact on the performances of the sports personnel. Moreover the oral source affects the liver directly and may cause negative impacts on the same. Alternatively, injections directly mix up the steroids into the blood stream.

Side effects

Women athletes use Winstrol as a supplement in their training sessions. Women experience most of the banes attached to this steroid. They are:-

  • Appearance of secondary male characteristics
  • Interrupted menstrual cycle
  • These steroids work the same as other birth control pills

There are several types of steroids available in the market for anyone to use, but the at times state laws prohibit their consumption. Winstrol, due to its milder impacts is a hit amongst sports personnel.