When Should You See an Endodontist?


When you have dental issues, it can be challenging to know the right medical professional to see. Many people will first go and see a general dentist. However, an endodontic specialist in San Antonio, TX, might be what you need.

Many people proactively avoid going to the dentist. The fear of the dentist’s office is an irrational fear you need to overcome if you want good oral health.

An endodontist is a dental specialist who focuses on tooth pain, dental diseases, and infections. They can perform specialized procedures which can help alleviate an infected or decaying tooth.

The following are reasons why you should go and see an endodontist:

Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

The most common reason why people see endodontists is tooth pain. If you suffer from chronic or acute tooth pain, you should go and see an endodontist.

They will know how to diagnose the pain, find its root cause, know precisely what is causing it, and offer treatment solutions.

You should go and see an endodontist if your teeth are highly sensitive to heat and cold. If you feel pain whenever you drink a hot or cold drink, it could be a sign of tooth decay which an endodontist will know how to address.

Tooth Injury

When you go to a general dentist with a tooth injury, they will refer you to an endodontist more often than not. Getting your teeth injured during a bar fight, a car accident, or a sports game is quite common.

Your teeth could get dislodged, entirely knocked out, or embedded into another part of your mouth. An endodontist will place the tooth back into its socket and stabilize it. In most cases, a root canal will be necessary to return your teeth to normal. 

Bacterial Infection

Bacteria is the primary cause of infection in the oral cavity. When it enters into teeth via tiny openings due to injury or decay, it often leads to infection. Bacterial infection is also the primary cause of gum swelling in the mouth.

The result of a bacterial infection will often be inflammation and pain. An infection on a tooth pulp will also expose the tooth’s nerve endings, making it more sensitive to heat and cold.

An endodontist will clear the infection by scraping it off the tooth and the pulp. They will then cover the tooth or replace it, which will address the bacterial infection.

Chipped or Fractured Tooth

If you chip or fracture your tooth in an accident or any other injury, you will need to see an endodontist. A chipped or fractured tooth is the partial damage of a tooth that often leads to the exposure of the tooth’s pulp.

The larger the chip or fracture in the tooth, the more exposed your tooth will be. It increases the chance of bacterial infection, which leads to tooth degradation.

An endodontist will typically perform a root canal to repair a chipped or fractured tooth. 

In conclusion, a dentist is often not enough to repair significant dental damage. You will need to see an endodontist for any of the above reasons. They will perform the necessary procedures to restore your dental integrity.