When You Must See a Doctor In Bastrop, Texas?

See a Doctor

Is it necessary for me to see a doctor in Bastrop, Texas? That is the question that most of us have questioned at some point in our lives. It is difficult to know when you should see your doctor for a severe cold, a strange-looking mole, or any nagging pain that does not easily go away. 

There are no hard and fast rules about when to visit a doctor or when not to visit. However, some general recommendations may be useful the next time you are trying to visit the clinic of Pompeyo C Chavez MD

There are a few good reasons to see your family doctor rather than going to a big hospital in Bastrop

  • Family doctors are aware of your life cycle
  • They also know your family and personal history
  • Family doctors can treat you more than you think
  • If you need to consult any specialist then they can suggest the right specialist
  • They can save your money

The following are a few issues when you may need to consult any doctor or your family physician.

Common cold or flu

If it is minor then you can manage it with certain home remedies, however, if it persists longer than a week then it is better to consult any medical professional. 


This is also a very common problem that most of us must have faced. Visit the doctor, if the diarrhea is also with too much pain too.  


Regular headache can lead to certain serious issues if it is ignored. If you are getting regular headaches then you must visit a doctor in Bastrop. 

Digestive issues

If you find many different issues together with your digestive issues then you should not ignore them and visit a doctor. 

Back pain

Without treatment, most back discomfort will go away within a few weeks. Using over-the-counter medicine helps a lot of people, however, if it gets chronic then see a doctor.

Head injury

If you had a serious head injury then you must surely visit a doctor for consultation.

Menstrual problems

The monthly cycle of a woman can have a significant impact on her life, particularly if there are issues. If the problem has become chronic then you will need the intervention of a doctor in Bastrop.

Mental health issues 

If you are always feeling depressed for almost no reason then it is the right time to visit a doctor.