Where to buy Shakeology in Dallas


If you are looking for a store around in Dallas to buy shakeology shakes, sorry to say that you won’t find one! The truth is that simple. Shakeology flavors are not sold in stores yet. “Okay then, so how do I get shakeology and why is it not sold in stores like amazon, eBay and the rest of the big online stores around?”

Really one wonders why this is so regarding the huge status of this product. Besides, are they not really interested in maximizing profits knowing that the marketing of the product is a huge success? Lots to ask really about this but the singular answer to this question is the company’s business model that is in play.

The business model on buying

Shakeology is a product owned by Beachbody, a body fitness and wellness company in California. Shakeology was just the addition to the company’s business but came up strong and is really a hit for them. According to the model of the business, one can only buy shakeology from the company directly on their website. We’ll look at how to go about this in detail later on.

The other option you have is to buy from a team Beachbody coach member. This is a registered and paying member of the Beachbody company. That said, how much does a shakeology cost?

Is shakeology really affordable?

The average amount of shakeology after tax and shipment is about $156 per 30 days serving. Do you think this is affordable? Many people have complained about this pricey nature of shakeology flavors as compared to other shakes. People argued that there is really not anything special to warrant such high cost for a food replacement shake like shakeoology, they ask the company to justify this high cost. Well, one can take it that the composition of multiple super nutrients of up to 70 in a pack is the reason for this high shakeology price.

The once off purchase

If you are not interested in Beachbody’s offers and various memberships for discounts, the retail purchase is what you are looking for then. For a once off purchase, you should be prepared to cough out $156.49 for the 30 days serving pack. ‘Quite expensive, really.’ This sum is with the additions of tax and shipment costs. Do I really need to spend such an amount for what I don’t yet know what is contained in it whether it will serve my purpose or not? That really is the concern of many and for this, Beachbody has a package for trial. You can start with that if you are really skeptical but keen on using this product, at least you won’t have to waste much money if it is not the right one for you.

The 7-day sampler

Shakeology 7 days sampler is one way you can play safe with buying shakeology if you are bent on using it for your health conditions. The seven-day sampler comprises all the different flavors of this product. You will have all the seven flavors of shakeology at a cost of $45.26 after shipment and taxes. There is also an option of the combo packets which contains only three of the flavors, that is, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. You have 24 packets with this one.

If you are still interested in the full 30 days pack but still want some discount in return, the auto ship option would serve you better still.

The autoship enabled purchase

By enabling auto ship when you are buying shakeology flavors, you enjoy some discounts and also some benefits in return. You will be charged $2 for shipment instead of about $15. This will drastically reduce your shakeology price considerably.

With this order, you have your delivery right at your doorstep monthly and your card would be debited accordingly. You would want to be careful here because you don’t have control over the cancellation at the front end of the website except you call the customer care to go about the cancellation.

There are some additional benefits that come along with this package. You have a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like the product eventually. You also have the option to change your flavor to another one anytime you want to. You can also cancel your auto-ship, to use it or change it totally from monthly to bi-monthly plan as you wish to. Your email confirmation for this subscription also gives you the privilege of enjoying two free workouts from Beachbody.

The team Beachbody coach membership and websites

Do you know that becoming a team Beachbody coach comes with two websites assigned to you by Beachbody? I really wonder the need for this, but looking at the marketing strategy, it is a way Beachbody get people out there to do the publicity for them. That’s a wise move. And that may give the reason why the product is getting that stronger every day amidst criticism and complaints from some users.

Since you can only buy shakeology from either Beachbody or team Beachbody coach member, I think this is the obvious reason for the website. So when you buy shakeology from a team Beachbody coach, the link takes you to the shakeology store operated by Beachbody and they know how to reward the link that brought the purchase. Affiliate or multilevel..

The  team Beachbody website and the shakeology website

At first, when I got to know about buying shakeology, I browsed to see if there was a website on that particular name. Actually,  I found one but the confusion that came thereafter was that one can only buy from Beachbody. So where is Beachbody here and who then is behind the shakeology website? It was not clear to me whether shakeology also means Beachbody.

My curiosity led me to click the about page on the shakeology website to find out if it is Beachbody that runs the show behind the scene. Surprisingly, instead of the about page, I was redirected to a new website with team beach body at the address bar! “Is this a shakeology scam!” Really, I don’t know if others had similar experience like mine or not. There should have been a bold statement display about beachbody on it to clarify things.

It was here and there after some research that I got to know that shakeology is the product and Beachbody is actually the company. At the shakeology website, you make the order but Beachbody being the original company name is still in their business of fitness and weight loss training. That gives the reason for the various memberships. The Shakeology product feeds the Beachbody website programs!

Now you know what you are into when you want to buy shakeology, right. The shakeology sales is just a part of Beachbody. If shakeology stops sales today, Beachbody still continues and you may also know that shakeology is not the only product of the Beachbody Company. They have others before shakeology came onboard, just that shakeology came and stole the show from the other products.

A guide on how to order from the shakeology website

Now let’s say you are going to buy shakeology from Beachbody through the shakeology website or even if you go through a team Beachbody website it is still the same since both will direct to the shakeology website.

Here is a step by step guide for you:

Step 1: visit shakeology.com by typing into the address bar

Step 2: make a choice on any of the product or flavors of your choice

Step 3: from the available options, select your package and the order type. You already know what these are. Make your selections appropriately

Step 4: select add to cart from the highlighted button

Step 5: if you satisfied with your selections, you can choose to check out by clicking on the checkout at the cart dropdown menu.

Step 6: if you are yet to register as a new customer, you can click on the new customer tab and this should take you to a form for you to fill. If you have already registered, you can just go ahead to payment.

Step 7: fill out all that is required including shipping details and when you are through, you can move on to payment.

Step 8: fill in your payment details and submit for processing. That is it, you have successfully ordered for the shakeology product. Expect to receive your package.

So if you are looking for ways to buy this product in Dallas, you now know how to go about it. We’ve also looked at some packages and points that would help you in making an informed decision on your order for the shakeology product.

The choice is yours if you really want to go for the product. It has some positives and has equally had some backlashes from some users. It would therefore help if you consult your doctor on any product that affects your health in whichever way. Shakeology may be the right product for your condition and it may not be also. You never can tell which will. Get your doctor along the process. It is surely a lot safer that way.