Why You Should Book a Walking Holiday of Spain


In an age where everything seems faster and more digitised than ever, sometimes the best vacations are those which help remind us to slow down for a bit. Given our fast-paced lives, a walking holiday can provide not only a refreshing change of pace, but a much-needed respite from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life. There are few more tranquil trips you could choose to take than one spent strolling through nature, and few natural landscapes are more beautiful or deserving of your time and attention than the storied Spanish countryside.

Cultural History

The Spanish countryside is one of the most culturally significant areas of Spain, and has likewise been witness to much of the history which has shaped the nation into the unique place it is today. While big-name cities like Barcelona and Madrid may get more headlines and attention, there’s no denying that, in the same way “the English countryside” has been mythologised by everyone from Chaucer to Shakespeare to Wordsworth and the Brontes, so too does much of the imaginative soul of Spain rest in them rolling plains which make up its natural landscape. The Spanish countryside is where Cervantes sets the majority of Don Quixote, the most famed work of not just the Spanish literary canon but arguably the whole of the Spanish language, and one of the true touchstones of world literature. The Spanish countryside boasts some of the most beautiful acres of land not just in Spain, but the whole of Europe. It’s been witness to so much in Spanish history, from Medieval clashes to the Spanish Civil War.

When you book Spanish walking holidays, you’re saying “Si” to a trip through the soul of so much Spanish history and culture.

Get the Leg Out

Let’s face it, we can all probably stand to get a bit more exercise in every now and then. That being said, jogging on a treadmill can feel tedious, and walking around the block isn’t all that exciting. A walking tour of some of Spain’s most storied sights might be just the setting and motivation you need to really get the leg out and marry your fitness and travel goals.

The Prestige

One of the good things about this digitised world in which we live is the fact that it’s easier than ever to share our experiences with friends and family. This has in turn made “the prestige factor” of holiday-seeking a bit more competitive. You want your next vacation to be somewhere that engages not just you, but your friends as well. A walking holiday through the Spanish countryside or through some of Spain’s great cities certainly has that “prestige factor.” You can tell friends you traversed the same fields as Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles, or walked past the cities and villages which inspired painters like Dali and Picasso.

Spain is a very special place, and walking holidays are a uniquely special experience. Enjoy both together for a truly extraordinary experience and book a walking holiday through Spain today.