Why Should You Treat Pain with Homeopathy?


Blame it on their huge expenses, undesirable side effects or the body’s increasing dependence on them, a growing numbers of people are shunning mainstream medicine and are turning to alternative therapies for pain management. For example, many people are using homeopathy, which offers a different approach to relieving pain. No wonder, homeopathy is a rage across many US cities where medical tourism is big. From San Francisco to Tampa and beyond, almost all pain clinics in these cities offer homeopathic treatment that was developed by the German physician Samuel Christian Hahnemann over 200 years ago. For those mulling over giving a try to this two-century old medical discipline, here are some valuable information for you:

How Does Homeopathy Work

It’s a branch of medicine that relies on natural substances to treat ailments. It tends to treat the disease from its roots in order to offer a long-lasting cure, not just a temporary relief from the symptoms.

The system is based on the ‘Law of Similars’, which states that a person can be cured of a disease by consuming a substance that would otherwise cause the same symptoms in other healthy individuals. Thousands of treatments are available in the homeopathic system. Which one is appropriate for you depends on not only your symptoms, but also on the overall impact of the ailment on your mind and body. When it comes to treating pain, a practitioner is likely to take a comprehensive view of the injury.  He is likely to ask you about the quality of the pain and exactly what ways it affects your lifestyle.  He may also want to know how it affects your behavior. For instance, he may ask whether the pain makes you feel irritable or sluggish.

Homeopathy pays importance to the patients’ genetic traits. Each individual has different physical or psychological make-up. While treating pain or any other ailment, homeopathy considers these unique attributes because all or some of them may have a direct or indirect role in your illness.

Why Opt for Homeopathic Treatment for pain relief?

  • In homeopathy, there doesn’t exist any one-size-fit-all solution. Your physician is likely to chart out a personalized treatment only after carefully analyzing your symptoms, their impact on your mind, your past medical history and also your unique physical traits. Thus, in homeopathy, treatments are always personalized.
  • In most of the cases, homeopathy remedies are less expensive than your regular medicines.
  • Antibiotics often wreak havoc with your digestive system. They also affect your immune system and lower your body’s resistance to diseases. Consumption of pain killers over a long period of time make you depend on them to a point when it becomes impossible to cope with pain without them. Homeopathy, on the other hand, helps alleviate your pain without affecting your immune system. They are also not addictive. You can stop taking them, once you feel relief.
  • Homeopathy gives you relief from pain without requiring you to go under the knives.
  • It does not matter whether you are young or old, homeopathy is safe for everyone.

If you are considering taking a homeopathic route to pain-relief, make sure to approach a certified practitioner. Your friends or relatives who have benefited from such therapies can best guide you in this regard. If you cannot find anybody who can help you find a qualified practitioner, visit a clinic that offers alternative therapies. These centers generally have trained practitioners in every branch of alternative medicine.  With a boost in medical tourism in Florida, many Tampa pain clinics offer alternative medicines. Consider visiting these if you are planning a holiday in these parts of the US. We are sure results would justify every bit of the effort.