CBD benefits – A knowhow


Cannabinoids come with lesser bioavailability. They are fat soluble. The typical bioavailability is between 6- 12%. This is the reason they must be used in higher dose. Before even reaching circulatory system, cannabinoids must be made water soluble since human blood is made of large amount of water. This is the reason they are made to bind with lipoproteins. These ensure the solubility of cannnabinoids both in water and blood. This is how cbd oil becomes more effective.

Originally cannabinoids come with lesser bioavailability. They are fat soluble compounds. 6% to 12% is the bioavailability of this compound. This is the reason it is always used at high doses. Since they are water soluble and with lesser bioavailability, they need to be bound with lipoproteins. Since human blood is made of large amount of water, before even cannabinoids reach the circulatory system they must be bind to lipoproteins. This ensures the water solubility as well as blood solubility.

How this works?

To extract cannabinoids from the plant a BioActive+ formula is used. Later it is blended with many ingredients like terpenes and curcuminoids to make microsized CBD particles. These particles are very effective when it comes to absorption and easy transportation inside the body. This is the reason; cbd oil is superior when it comes to achieving expected results compared to others like hemp seed oil and olive oil.

The medical benefits are enhanced because of the greater bioavailability of the extract which is based on BioActive+ formula. Great results can be achieved at lower dose and lower cost. Since the resulted cannabinoids easily soluble in water, the application and use is really flexible like one can add the drops of the extract into tea or coffee and use it.

The formula based on BioActive+ comes with pure and organic ingredients. The highest quality is ensured and also great absorption. The extract comes with almost all the terpenes which occur naturally in the hemp plant and are really necessary. It also comes with curcuminoids derived from turmeric and N-alkylamides which is derived from Echinacea plant. It even has small amount of vitamin E. Since all these ingredients succeed to create a natural synergistic action there will be high bioavailability. That is why the extract is superior compared to hemp seed oil and olive oil.


Some of the benefits of the extract are

  • Anti seizure
  • anti-emetic
  • antianxiety
  • anti-psychotic
  • anti-tumor
  • analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • neuroprotective
  • antioxidant
  • Higher bioavailability
  • Powerful and unique combination of cannabis and natural terpenes
  • Greater water solubility
  • Good taste
  • Since it contains natural ingredients, it comes with longer shelf life
  • All the ingredients present are natural and organic
  • Universe application

The extract comes with CO2 cold extracted CBD which is from hemp grown in Netherlands. It is GMO free, organic, and vegan. As per EU regulation, THC level is below 0.2 %. When it comes to 2.5 % oil, lab tests verify that it contains 0.0% THC and 2.63% CBD.