Looking for Vaginal Revitalization? Here’s What You Need to Know


Your sexual wellness as a woman is crucial. It needs the proper attention if you start developing low libido and often have vaginal dryness. Different factors can cause these problems, such as vaginal childbearing and hormonal decline during menopause. You should, however, look for the correct remedy through vaginal revitalization. An O-shot is what you need for that enhancement of your sexual life. When looking for specialists in vaginal revitalization in Santa Monica, look for the finest ones. With the proper regenerative treatment, the vaginal tissues will be well-revitalized. As you search for these services, having a comprehensive view of vaginal revitalization procedures is very significant. This blog focuses on the different aspects of the treatment.

What Is Vaginal Revitalization?

Vaginal laxity is something familiar and is well-triggered by certain factors such as childbearing. Secondly, nearly half of women in their menopause tend to experience it due to the reduction of estrogen. Vaginal revitalization is a procedure that aims at restoring the elasticity aspect of the vaginal tissue. A doctor may do an O-shot into the vaginal tissues to make it start the rejuvenation process.

Vaginal atrophy can be well dealt with by regenerative medicine (O-shot). What you may need to know is that the injection is an efficient non-surgical procedure. It typically contains platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The high concentration of platelets means increased numbers of growth factors that are key in repairing damaged tissues and regenerating new cells.

Who Needs the Procedure?

Have a consultative session with your doctor to know if you’re a good candidate for vaginal revitalization. During these discussions, your medical records will bear the cause of the vaginal laxity and overall declining performance. This is crucial since, despite the O-shot, you need to deal with the issues such as psychological problems that could interfere with your sexual health.

If you experience low libido and declining ability to orgasm, then the treatment suits you right. The other group of women needing it is the ones who are having urinary incontinence. Suffering from vaginal pain, especially during sexual activity, requires the O-shot as well. The doctor also uses the PRP injection to help you when suffering from lichen sclerosis.

Benefits of Vaginal Revitalization

The O-shot comes with many benefits though there are some variances in the results from one woman to another. Some of the key benefits include enhancement of sexual wellness, increased libido, and orgasm. Many report a decline in vaginal dryness, which means no painful sexual intercourse. It is also common to experience improved arousal and lubrication.

How Is the Procedure?

The vaginal procedure usually is fast and accurate. Your medical team may find it necessary first to numb your vaginal tissue as this may get rid of any discomfort. The doctor will remove a certain amount of blood to prepare the PRP, injecting it into the vaginal tissues and clitoris. You will later get advice on how long to wait before starting your sexual activity.

Vaginal revitalization is a procedure significant in achieving better sexual well-being for a woman. It usually makes the vaginal tissues more functional and healthy. Some of the benefits include increased arousal and reduction of vaginal pain and dryness. Consider finding reliable facilities if you want the best procedure.