Marriage counselor’s advice on having a happy marriage life


Marriage is a maze that no Professor or philosopher could easily understand even after hard research of multiple experiences in life. Fortunately, a new insights marriage counselor underwent great struggle to understand the relationship between couples and how it can be strengthened. Find the therapist or the counseling centre through Internet or Facebook or Ourbis. Before doing that, it would be really great to understand that there are some wonderful qualities that could help in living a happy marriage life.


Egoistic thoughts will not do well in case of a marriage as there would certainly be some differences and forgiving the spouse is the only way to move forward. The main aim of marriage counseling in Toronto is to create willingness in the spouse during difficult situations. Generally, this trait can be developed by the individual without any help or with the support of the spouse to have a better life. The best way to start is to forget about the past or any mistakes done by the spouse so that the couple can start fresh.


Depending on the other can mean different things that can range from mental dependency to financial dependency. However, remember that when there is a problem in a career there is nothing wrong to depend on the other for a period of time. If there is a problem that is eating up the brain then there is nothing inferior in sharing the problem with him or her. One can observe that couples counseling primarily focus on the letting the emotions come out and this can be tried by having confidence on one another.

Dependency can also mean allowing the freedom that the spouse would require to be “himself” or “herself”. When there is too much pressure on one person then the chain might break. Therefore, taking care of daily chores, important things, supporting the other half, etc. would bring a world of difference.

Honest Living

Mistakes are part of live and accepting them is the best thing in a marriage. If there is any chance to survive the hardships in life, being honest to each other works really well. According to the theories of marriage counseling in Toronto the spouse should reveal about hidden bank accounts, secret finances, attraction or disinterest towards the other, mental disturbances, ambitions, expectations, addictions, etc. so that the spouse can understand the personality of him or her. As time moves along, the spouse can understand the motives behind certain decisions taken as everything is done under the oath of honesty.

Sharing Love

For someone who truly understands marriage, there is no need to say “I love you” or “I need you” occasionally to remind about their emotions. However, for someone to reach that point in marriage it would take certain amount of time. Therefore, bringing flowers, speaking lovely words, surprising with gifts, etc. would do no harm whatsoever. Such behavior would give more lasting impression that one could get at couples counseling. In addition, it just takes a few minutes of time in daily life.

Follow these four wonderful qualities and observe visible results within weeks. A spouse is like a mirror and would only reflect the way you are behaving, so be good and find happiness in marriage.