Kiln Lane Dental – How To Choose The Right Family Dentist


It’s one thing to set about finding the perfect dentist for your own needs, but trying to seek out the right practice as a whole family is a completely different matter. There’s no need for it to be difficult or stressful, however – once you know what to look for, you should be able to track down your ideal specialist in no time. Below are a few tips to help you decide.

Make a Checklist

Decide on your priorities before you even embark on an online search. Do any of your family members have specific dental needs, or are you just looking for a practitioner you can register with for checkups and emergencies? How many surgeries are in your local area and how easy are they to get to? What kind of specialisms do they have in terms of children, nervous patients and other specific requirements? These and many others are questions you can prepare for yourself as you undertake your search.

Research Specialisms

If your family has any particular requirements – such as braces, wisdom teeth issues, problem fillings and so on – it’s worth exploring online. Look at each practice’s website for specific qualifications, but also check out review sites and ask friends. A very important aspect to check is whether or not each practice is willing to refer to itself as a “family dentist”, as this may offer some insight into their ability to work with children. Qualifications in assisting nervous patients are also very useful to check for.

Check Fees and Payment Plans

It’s no secret that adults with children need to keep a close eye on their finances, and so finding a family dentist with a range of finance options and membership types to suit your budget can be a real weight off your mind.

Visit Each Practice in Person

Their website may look great, and a quick check of an online map might show that they’re in a good spot, but you can’t be completely sure until you see for yourself. It’s a good idea to take the kids along too, as there might be certain things they spot that you don’t, and anything that sets them at ease is likely to prove a huge bonus for you – even if it’s the big glowy fish tank in the corner or the games and activities provided in the waiting room. If possible, arrange to have a meeting or consultation with a practitioner while you’re there, as you’ll be able to clear up any questions you may have and put a face to a name; something that puts many people – especially youngsters – at ease.

Always take your time and never rush into a decision when it comes to choosing a dentist for you and your loved ones. Kiln Lane Dental – a family practice specialising in stress-free cosmetic and medical dentistry – even has the option to ask any question whilst on their website – making the choice even easier. For more information about Kiln Lane Dental and their specialisms, simply call 01744 25776 or visit today.