Tips For Battling Insomnia

Unhappy female having problems in bed with husband

As we get older, for some people going to sleep and staying asleep becomes a challenge.  Whether you can’t seem to shut your thoughts off when you lay down in the dark, or perhaps you are more sensitive to sound in your older age and everything wakes you up.

One of the most torturous symptoms of people that suffer from insomnia is that they are exhausted all day, and nearly to the point of falling asleep, yet when they lay their head on their pillow at night, suddenly they are wide awake.

Insomnia or “night restlessness” doesn’t have to control you.  Follow these tips and take control of your sleep again.

Decrease “Screen Time”

One of the biggest factors of the mind still being active when it’s time to go to bed is the increase of television, cell phone, or computer use in our modern era.

Studies show that a harsh bright light in your eyes before going to sleep increases the brain’s activity, signaling to your body that it’s daytime.

The iPhones latest operating system offers a “Night Mode” feature which changes the color temperature of the phone’s screen, making it a warmer display with less blue hues.  Studies are still  inconclusive as to whether this is an effective long term feature.

Therefore in addition to turning on a feature like this, try not looking at your phone for an hour before bedtime,  And certainly never in the middle of the night.

Use White Noise

Ambient noise in your room, otherwise known as “white noise” can drown out the chatter of the outside world.  From the television in the living room, to the dog barking across the street.

Many people report a deeper sleep and waking up much less with white noise in their room.

Popular white noise options include fans, iPhone applications which play natural sounds, or a white noise machine.

Get a Prescription

If you seem to have tried every trick under the sun and still can’t seem to get a decent night’s rest, perhaps it is time to consider medication.

Opt for a homeopathic option initially such as Calms Forte tablets or sleep inducing Herbal tea.  However, if this fails to have an effect on you, talk to your doctor about a sleeping pill option.

Proceed with caution however and use this as a last resort.  Prescription pills can lead to a physical dependency and require drug rehabilitation if an addiction develops.


Pushing our bodies to a state of fatigue can be one of the best sleep inducers.  Try going for a long run in the afternoon, or a late night swim followed by a hot shower.

Our bodies are connected to our brains, therefore a body that is encouraged to a state of fatigue encourages our brains to follow.