Travelling Abroad After A Heart Attack


Suffering a heart attack puts many restrictions on people’s lives, but research has proven that it is safe to travel after a heart attack, which for many people is surely a huge relief. After all, many people have friends and relatives overseas and visit them regularly, plus there’s also the excitement of international travel that would be devastating for many people to give up.

Fortunately, it is possible to travel abroad after suffering a heart attack, even a major heart attack, but there are a few things that you must bear in mind and do, including the following:

Take Out the Right Level of Insurance Cover for Your Trip

This is essential when travelling in good health and even more important after experiencing a major health condition like a heart attack. Fortunately, excellent travel insurance comparison websites like Medical Travel Compared empower you to source quotes from multiple insurers simultaneously, which makes arranging the right level of travel insurance cover a simple task.

However, bear in mind that there are going to be tight parameters regarding insurance cover if you’re flying soon after a heart attack. This is because there’s a higher risk involved and, therefore, a greater likelihood of you requiring medical treatment when abroad. That’s another very good reason to take note of the following tip – allow yourself ample time to rest and recover before flying long distances.

Allow Ample Recovery Time Before Flying Long Distances

Opinions on the subject of travelling long distances after a heart attack differ, but most medical experts agree that the better rested you are after having a heart attack, the safer it is for you to fly long distances. Moreover, take note of the following points to reduce the risks when travelling:

  • Arrange transport to the airport in advance and make sure someone will handle your luggage for you. Carrying heavy items of luggage could exacerbate your condition.
  • Book seats on the plane that give you lots of legroom. You need to take it easy and make sure you get ample sleep on the flight, so book seats near the exit that have extra leg space.
  • Keep your medication in your hand luggage along with the GP’s prescription. You may need this to get your medication through customs at your destination.

Everyone needs ample time to recover after a medical experience, especially a life-threatening medical emergency like a heart attack, so do yourself a big favour, don’t take any needless risks and allow yourself ample time to rest and recover. Speak to your GP or cardiac specialist if you’re planning a trip overseas and ask them for their professional opinion. Although you may feel fine and ready to travel, they may have a very different opinion. Always seek an opinion from a medical specialist.

In conclusion, it’s possible to travel abroad after suffering a heart attack but you must take care by allowing yourself ample time to rest and recover, having someone carry your heavy luggage, and seeking the opinion of a medical specialist before travelling. Your doctor knows best.