3 Health Tips We Can Learn From The French


When it comes to the good life, the French are known for being experts.  They seem to have it all figured out with their slim figures and delicious spreads of food.  How do they manage to stay healthy with all that butter and bread, however?  And don’t they smoke all the time?

Americans seem to remain fascinated by how the French manage to do it with ease while the rest of us spend millions a year on weight loss products and gym memberships we never use.

However, it isn’t a big mystery.  When it comes to how the French manage to stay healthy despite all of the delicious croissants and cigarettes, here is how they do it.

Skip Using Your Car

In the land of France, they aren’t afraid to put on their best walking shoes and head out into the streets without a car.  If their destination is just a few blocks away from their home they aren’t about to bother getting in their vehicle when they could simply walk.  Many French people don’t own a car at all and live perfectly wonderful lives.

If walking isn’t your thing, they also love riding their bikes.  If you’ve never considered riding your bike to work, you may want to consider it.  It can be just as fast as a car and certainly worth the burn in calories.  Just be sure to learn the rules of cycling with traffic, otherwise, you could get injured pretty easily.

Don’t Snack

The French are known for eating meals with heavy amounts of cream and lots of red meat.  For breakfast they have pastries loaded with butter and chocolatey goodness.  So how do they keep those slim figures?  The secret lies in only eating at mealtime.

The French are rarely seen with a bag of pretzels or a bagel snacking as they work at their desk.  Mealtime is sacred and an important part of the day.  Snacking in between meals would only spoil a good thing.  Try to only eat when it’s mealtime and don’t eat anything in between.  You’ll find that you stay fuller longer and will eat real food instead of empty calories.

Water Is The Drink Of Choice

Forget about reaching for a Frappuccino or Diet Coke when you’re thirsty.  How about cold delicious water?  The French love their water and have entire aisles dedicated to it in the grocery store.  Perhaps you thought that water was just water.  The French urge you to think again.

In France, you’ll find mineral water, fruit infused water, sparkling water, and even calcium infused water.  Staying properly hydrated doesn’t just keep your system happy and full of what it needs, it will keep your stomach full as well.