The Experts Guide on PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift

PDO or Polydioxanone is the approach used by dermatologists to improve facial features and remove all the fine lines and wrinkles. If you have loose or saggy skin, then this procedure is used to tighten and lift the skin. So if you are having second thoughts about it, then this PDO thread lift will help you understand all about the procedure.

What is the PDO Thread Lift?

Although a PDO thread lift is a groundbreaking new therapy in the field of cosmetics, PDO threads have been successfully used for years for a variety of uses, including treating gynecological issues and suturing incisions following medical treatments. It is the approach used to rejuvenate sagging skin.

How Does PDO Thread Lift Work?

Many individuals who are ready to get some shots and want to acquire an instant lift of the facial parts without needing to go the surgery path may benefit from this excellent non-surgical facelift option. Polydioxanone threads are put underneath the skin by a tiny needle or gauge in the care areas for a PDO thread lift. The treatment does not require any incisions. The PDO threads stay under the epidermis until they disintegrate, encouraging the body to make more collagen on its own to improve the skin.

Types of PDO Threads

There are three types of PDO threads which are mentioned below:

  • The first one is PDO mono threads which are basically the smooth sutures that help to renew the skin by increasing collagen production.
  • The second one is PDO cog threads which are basically the use of barbs that are employed to offer support and raise areas of your face by latching onto your skin like tiny fishhooks.
  • The third one is PDO screw threads which are made up of two or more intertwined threads. It is basically used to gain volume.

Other than this there are PCA and PLA threads. They generally stay in the body for a long time and promote the creation of more collagen. The absorption of PLA threads takes roughly 12 months, whereas PCA takes 12 to 15 months. Each thread type is ideally suitable for a specific task. PDO threads are excellent for rejuvenating and repositioning tissue, whilst PLA and PCA threads are superior at elevating sagging skin.

This kind of treatment requires top-notch attention; that is why it is best to go with a professional who has years of experience. Before booking an appointment, it is best to gather all the necessary information about the clinic by reading the client’s testimonials and reviews.