Custom-made Teeth Will Make You Smile


Chewing, smiling, and holding up facial muscles are all tasks that are assigned to our teeth. Having thirty-two solid teeth in the adult human mouth is important in order to live a healthy life. But our teeth are vulnerable to injuries, cavities, acidic wear, and gum disease. Although children lose teeth as part of growing up, adults losing teeth can cause various health problems that need to be remedied with dentures.

What are Teeth?

Teeth are small, calcified structures attached to the jaw and covered by a gum line.Teeth are responsible for breaking down food for humans. Brushing and flossing are recommended to combat the wearing of enamel on the teeth, which can result in permanent tooth loss. Teeth fall out of the mouth as a result of decay, injury, or even gum disease. Missing teeth make everyday tasks like chewing and smiling more difficult or even impossible to accomplish.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are custom-made, removable fixtures designed to replace missing teeth in the human mouth. Some dentures replace a complete set of teeth while others only cover partial missing teeth. Dental technicians in Surrey assist with picking and fitting the right dentures for each patient. Dentures are as unique as the individuals wearing them and are available in multiple varieties.

The Different Possibilities

Complete conventional dentures are created after tooth removal and are ready to use between eight to twelve weeks later. These slip over the gums and are secured by oral adhesive products to prevent dislodging. Complete immediate dentures, on the other hand, are created in advance and are put to work as soon as the teeth are removed. This option protects the gums and requires additional fittings during the healing process. For this reason, immediate dentures are typically used as a temporary solution until the conventional dentures are ready.

Partial dentures are the alternative when there are healthy, remaining teeth in the jaw. To create partial dentures, a fixed bridge is made by putting crowns on the teeth and framing the artificial teeth. After the bridge is cemented into place, it assists in preventing the surrounding teeth from moving, so that there are fewer adjustments needed. Precision partial dentures are also removable, but have an internal attaching mechanism instead of latching on to neighbouring crowns.

Even adults who take excellent care of their teeth face the possibility of needing dentures. Dentures help humans maintain a high-quality life but they require specific attention and submersion in water when not in the mouth. Whether you are purchasing a complete set or partial one, dentures are an incredible alternative to not smiling or not being able to eat certain foods.