Good Impressions Lead to Improved Smiles


If you want to make a good impression, you can do so by making use of a dental lab – a technical facility that requires that you have a model made of your teeth for the fabrication of dentures. For an excellent fit then, impressions or models are made with a bite block. By following this technique, the lab can make a test model for a patient. This test model is fitted first before the final metal or acrylic dentures are made.

Dentures Are Made of Metal

If a metal-based denture is made, the base is manufactured with a metal alloy that is hypoallergenic and biologically compatible with the oral tissues. Typically, tissues that come in contact with the metal appear very healthy. These dentures, which often feature a soft liner, are fairly easy to realign and are sturdy.

Patients who wear metal-based dentures report that the added weight gives them more of the feel of natural teeth. The added weight also contributes to the prosthetics’ stability. So, Nuneaton dental technicians often are involved in making this type of appliance.

The Liners Used: How They Differ

Dentures may also be made of modified metals. When these types of dentures are made, the metal portion does not touch any part of the underlying tissue. Instead, a hard or soft liner made of plastic is incorporated between the supporting tissues and the metal materials. Whilst the soft liner is more comfortable for the wearer, the hard plastic liner is more durable. Typically, soft liners need replacement each year.

Regardless of the type of dentures you choose to wear, you will want to pick a product that makes you feel positive when you smile. If you select dentures that look natural and feel natural too, you are on the right track when selecting a dental prosthetic. Whilst metal is more expensive to fabricate, it is also dimensionally more stable, especially for patients who want to avoid any possibility of repairs or need for surgery.