Here is a Permanent Wound Healing Solution

Wound Healing Solution

Are you concerned about your circulatory leg ulcers, diabetic wounds, or slow healing sores? Are you looking for treatment for your wounds? Wound Evolution is the place you should visit. Wound Evolution uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy to cure the lesions by exposing your body to oxygen, supporting the body’s healing process. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Fort Worth, Texas, and Overland Park, Kansas is provided by a team of wound care professionals as a casualty procedure.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a well-established treatment that encompasses breathing pure oxygen while under increased atmospheric pressure. It is done in a small chamber where the oxygen is pressurized. When you inhale the oxygen into the body, the blood absorbs it through the body, protecting you from destructive bacteria. That speeds up the process of healing by releasing constituents such as growth components and stem cells.

What conditions does hyperbaric oxygen therapy address?

If you suffer from a scratch, wound, or cut, the exposed tissue needs greater oxygen levels to survive. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy scares off viruses and encourages healing due to increased oxygen in the body. This advanced treatment helps to avoid harmful procedures like surgical involvement or wound debridement.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treats conditions such as burns, crush injuries, bone infection, diabetic lesions and ulcers, venous and arterial leg ulcers. If you have a bioengineered skin implant, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be of use as there is a danger of tissue death. The team of experts at Wound Evolution may advise victims of anemia, carbon monoxide poisoning, brain abscess, sudden deafness, radiation injury, or gangrene to consider hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

How is hyperbaric oxygen therapy conducted?

Before receiving the treatment, the patient is advised to remove any skin-based petroleum products or hair products and give the provider any electronic. You are offered gowns to wear instead of normal attire. Then you lie on the examination table and put on a light mask over the head, which emits a stable flow of oxygen straight to the lungs. The team of doctors monitors you throughout the whole process, which takes almost two hours. This increased pressure may cause ears to pop and to ease the pressure you can yawn or swallow.     

After the therapy session, the team evaluates you by recording blood pressure and pulse and examining the ears. If you are a patient who has diabetes, blood glucose is checked. As soon as the doctors are done and conclude that you are ready, you get dressed and leave. After the treatment, one may feel drained or hungry, but it should not restrict you from doing regular activities.

If you want to verify if you are a good applicant for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the group at Wound Evolution enquires about your life and symptoms, performs a physical assessment, and checks your medical records. The specialists then recommend you to the ideal treatment according to your needs. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy requires more than one session to heal fully, but these sessions differ from one condition to another.

To receive this form of treatment for the conditions listed above, you can schedule an appointment at Wound Evolution by calling or booking online.