Nonsurgical Fat Removal – The Most Effective Way of Eliminating Unwanted Fat


Nonsurgical fat reduction process entails the use of specialised devices to make a controlled injury to a small amount of fat. Presently, there are two forms of such treatment available; Cryolipolysis (such as CoolSculpting) and Radio Frequency and (). Both accept outpatient treatment and are effective in fat reduction and improving body contour. It is vital to point out that non-invasive fat removal procedures by Canada MedLaser are best suited to small to medium deposits stubborn fats in the body like those around the tummy, thighs, waistline and flanks. In large accumulation of fat, you may want to consider other procedures like liposuction that are more appropriate for large fat deposits in the body.

When to Consider Nonsurgical Fat Reduction

  • If you are facing challenges loosing small amounts of fat
  • If you have unwanted but limited fat accumulation in your thighs, abdomen, back or flanks
  • If you desire a slimmer physique without undergoing a surgical procedure.



  • Non-invasive process.
  • Efficient and effective when it comes to eliminating small amounts of unwanted fat.
  • No required downtime, painless procedure and Outpatient treatment option.


  • Short-lived redness and numbness may be experienced.
  • Multiple treatments may be required for better results.

Above are the general pros and cons of the nonsurgical fat removal procedure, be sure to make enquiries from your surgeon about other factors that may concern you.

Are you eligible for nonsurgical fat reduction?

Below are some of the typical reasons why you may want to opt for nonsurgical fat treatment:

  • You are around your normal weight range, but want to get rid of undesired fat deposits in certain body areas.
  • Some parts of your body fat are immune to dieting and exercising
  • You desire a slimmer appearance without having to undergo surgery.

If you are in the green medically, you have realistic goals and willing to try, then you are probably qualified for this procedure.

It is vital that you select a surgeon based on:

  • Experience in dealing with similar procedures
  • Training, certification and Education
  • How comfortable you are around him/her

Professional clinics are qualified and experienced to carry out an aesthetic procedure. After discovering a board-certified medical aesthetic clinic in your locale that has dealt with a fair amount of nonsurgical fat reduction treatment, you will need make arrangement for consultation. Because of the thorough nature of such consultations,

Your initial consultation appointment

On your first consultation, you will be able to discuss what you aim to achieve from the nonsurgical fat removal procedure with your medical aesthetician. Your medical aesthetician will evaluate and ascertain whether you are eligible for the procedure and explain what the nonsurgical fat reduction treatment will do. Other nonsurgical fat options will be deliberated also. You should be prepared to discuss your erstwhile medical details like:

  • Former surgeries
  • Past and current medical conditions
  • present medications and allergies