Regenerative treatment – A knowhow


In physical therapy the sports would have damaged his ligaments, cartilage, nerves, bones or scar tissue injury etc which can be effectively treated with regenerative rehabilitation done by the physical therapist to allow the sportsman to compete again with vigor once again without having to be sidelined by injuries which are threatening their careers. Regenerative therapy includes the stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma injections which help in faster healing. These processes also help the sportsman from recurring pain if left to heal on its own. brings to you all the information that you would need to know about sports physical therapy.

An introduction to the regenerative program

There are certain procedures followed in the regenerative therapy and it depends on the doctor if all the steps are necessary or and how long it has to be done as each injury and person’s healing time vary greatly as how they take to the treatment.

Firstly a regenerative rehabilitation program is designed by your physical therapist keeping in mind your medication and health conditions- which involves appropriate rest, a process called bio mechanical loading as to test the movement of the injured limb, tissue mobilization will enable the growth of new tissue after the removal of the scar tissue and other mechanisms which will enable the sportsman on the road to recovery.

The therapeutic techniques for healing by physical therapists at come very handy after a regenerative rehabilitation program. This will enable the sports man to gain momentum on the limb and get back to his training quicker. The physical therapists will induce the confidence in the sportsman that the healed limb will now function better and regain previous form.

New Goals Touched

Regenerative medication is touching new goals as years have passed with the help of all the latest pioneering technologies and the pairing of exercise with the help physical therapists will really push the envelope to bring in brighter future for those pursing physical therapy as a profession as well the injured sportsman who limited shelf life because of all the wear and tear in their profession.

There now four ways that we can actually use this regenerative therapy

Medical devices and artificial organs, by transplant made from own cells or synthetic organs are fitted to give the feel of a natural organ with the same functioning capacity.

Tissue engineering and biomaterials help in growing of certain tissues in the lab and repairing the damaged ones as well as using certain resins to heal and make the wound close and not bleed internally or externally.

Cellular therapies are great ways generate stem cells and built up the required tissue or organ to be replaced and this done through the injured players cells which make it less likely for his body to reject it and hence lower the recovery process time and the player can get back to playing with a new part or tissue and may not have the niggling pain of the old tissue. Know more here.