7 underrated low impact workouts for the lazy days


Is it one of those days where you’d prefer to be in the bed, grab cup of coffee, turn on some slow music and simply relax but it’s almost 10am and its gym time and you’re worried missing it might ruin all the previous days of hard work? Well it’s low impact workouts to the rescue.

These workouts go easy on the muscles and joints thus lowering injury risk but at the same time get your heart pumping and keep your body moving. So here is a list of the 7 most underrated but highly effective low impact workouts for the lazy days. Time to get low and get moving.

Brisk Walk

When was the last time you took time out from the hard hitting gym routine and went out for a simple stroll? Walking is highly effective especially for the lower body and can get the heart pumping within minutes.  To take it up a notch you can hit the hills, grab a couple of dumbbells or ankle straps.

Elliptical Trainer

Forget the treadmill; it’s the elliptical machine that gets the thumbs up.Though considered subpar its low impact workout ensures your muscles and joints recover quickly enough plus with a few tweaks you can sneak a good session for your chest, triceps and shoulders too. The right elliptical trainer will save you both time and money and these elliptical trainer reviews will guide you in making the best possible choice.


In the mood for some adventure sports? If you’re water friendly then kayaking is the ideal sport. It’s leaps and bounds ahead of both rowing and swimming and is perfect for the arms and 6 packs you desperately seek. You can torch 500-600 calories within 40-45 minutes and have fun like never before but those not seeking the thrill and adrenaline rushshould stick to indoor rowing. For an awesome rowing experience check out some Concept 2 Model D Reviews.

Rock climbing

If the thought of drowning gives you shivers but you’re still up for some adventure then I would suggest rock climbing. Lots of adventure parks offer rock climbing, check out the web and find the one closest to you. Such climbs are generally moderate and more controlled thus reducing stress if done under expert supervision.


Well if you thought of golf as your retirement plan then you’re in for some surprise. This seemingly easy go sport requires high level of concentration and physical strength. Don’t believe me? Why not go for a swing and check it out yourself. Oh and skip the cart and instead take a walk around the course for healthy change.


If a normal brisk walk seemed too monotonous snowshoeing is the perfect way to get walking again considering you live in a snowy region. This is a simple walk but since you’re walking against the resistance of the snow it’s comparatively tougher and requires higher level of strength and effort.


While not always considered an exercise, dancing requires a high level of energy, strength and flexibility plus if you’re a fan of dancing with the stars now is the time to begin. It’s a complete body workout plus the fun. So find a partner and give those curls and twirls a real shot.