Get perfect white teeth


You know we have been hearing this phrase since we don’t even remember that “The first impression is the last impression” and the first impression depends on how we talk and how we look. Teeth even though hidden are the most important factor that depicts our whole look. A person with nice teeth will have a nice smile and a nice smile is exactly what that make people beautiful and give the person confident within him/herself. Most people who do not have beautiful teeth shy away from smiling freely and thus are less confident as compared to the people with perfect teeth. This is the reason why one should take care of his/her teeth or should work toward making them perfect.

Know the secret of white teeth

White teeth are the dream of everyone and the secrets of achieving those dreams are as follows

· Brush and floss regularly

If you are not brushing or flossing your teeth regularly then you are leading to the path of teeth destruction. Our laziness makes us ignore the daily oral hygienic ritual which is brushing and then within no time out teeth starts getting damaged or discoloured. Doctors since ages have been recommending people to brush or floss their teeth after every meal so that there is no food particle left behind to decay and damage our teeth. This is the most obvious secret of white teeth.

· Increase calcium uptake

Calcium is very necessary for the growth and strength of bones and teeth. Calcium serves as the important component of bones and teeth and this is the reason why it is necessary for us to take some amount of calcium daily. Calcium also plays an important role in the whitening of teeth and proper calcium uptake is another secret for white teeth. Calcium can be taken from dairy sources like regular use of milk, yoghurt, eggs, etc.

· Limited sugar intake

Uncontrolled sugar intake creates a very suitable environment for the growth of bacteria. Bacteria among increased sugar contents can grow easily feeding on the sugar particulate and thus grows rapidly. This bacteria after growing can cause the tooth to decay, tainting our perfect white set of teeth and thus destroying our perfect smiles. The secret for white teeth is that one must decrease or control the sugar intake and must brush teeth properly after taking any sweet treat.

· Avoid sticky food

Like sugar substances, sticky substances can also serve as the medium for bacterial growth. They get to stick to our teeth and slowly starts to decay them if left there for longer period of times. Bacteria developed because of that sticky food substance can destroy our teeth. So the secret for white teeth is that one must avoid sticky food substances and should brush teeth after having that kind of food products.

· Regular dental checkups

Another important secret for white teeth is that one must pay regular visits to one’s respective dentist and must have a thorough dental checkup every once in a while. Sometimes even when we are taking good care of our teeth we still develop some of the problems that remain un-noticed until they worsen.

Teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening can be done nowadays due to developed technology and advanced techniques. Dentists all over the world re offering this service so one can get their beautiful smile back.