Common Myths and Misconceptions about Lactation


The process and experience of breastfeeding remain a mystery to many, especially new mothers. There are all sorts of information on the internet and media to the extent that it can quickly become overwhelming to get a foothold on this subject. With all the information available, some of it can become confusing to new mothers. Luckily, with a lactation consultant in Madison, WI, you can get all the information you need about breastfeeding and ensure your baby grows healthy from day one. Whenever you have troubling breastfeeding questions, you need an expert who can help you get through them one by one. Better still, you can get actively involved by learning the myths facing breastfeeding to understand everything better. Here are some of the common misconceptions you are likely to come across and should dismiss them immediately:

Babies are naturally born knowing how to breastfeed

When you give birth, the baby will have infant reflexes that may contribute to breastfeeding. For instance, the suck reflex directs the baby to suck at everything that comes into contact with their mouth. In as much as your baby will have some instincts, it is upon you to teach them how to breastfeed. It is a learning process that involves both the mother and the baby. The more you practice, the better hold of breastfeeding your baby will have.

It is usual for breastfeeding to hurt

Are you experiencing sore nipples and thought that it is something that every new mother has to go through? Well, it is not. Many mothers report discomfort during the first few days after birth as they learn how to breastfeed their baby. However, this should not be long-lasting. With the proper support, especially in the baby’s positioning and ensuring the little one is correctly attached to the breast, sore nipples should not be existent. If you are dealing with sore nipples, consider getting help from a lactation consultant to overcome the problem.

It is impossible to breastfeed more than one baby.

There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding more than one baby. Just because you have been blessed with more than one baby at the same time or in quick succession does not mean you cannot support their needs. Mothers can support multiples such as twins or an older baby and a newborn. You can breastfeed them at the same time as long as you have sufficient milk production. This is a good idea based on various health and practical reasons.

It would help if you washed the nipple before you start to breastfeed

It would help if you understood that the nipple is not like the milk bottle for your baby. This myth only comes from using bottles, but there is nothing authentic about it. Unlike what you may have heard, putting the baby to the breast helps prevent bacteria. According to research, natural oils and odor from the nipple area play a crucial role in breastfeeding. The nipple is ready for your baby to suck on and will not need washing.

Breastfeeding represents an integral part of the mother-child relationship. Whenever possible, mothers should breastfeed their babies. It not only helps their growth but also ensures they receive all the essential nutrients. Knowing the facts from the myths should make your journey more comfortable.