Why is Plastic Surgery on the Rise during Holidays


Millions of women have become very thankful to the numerous advancements in technology that make body makeover possible. Many of them are availing surgical services such as breast enhancement that includes lift and augmentation, tummy tucks and liposuction. With these, many women are able to bring back their loss confidence due to an aging body and sagging muscles and skin. More importantly, they are all happy because they feel and look young and sexy again. With these alone, there really is an increase in the number of plastic surgery operations.

However, there is also an apparent trend that during holidays there are more women who avail one of the several types of plastic surgery operations. Below are the reasons why there is a rise.

Mothers Who Have Just Given Birth

Though most of the mothers who have given birth avail other cosmetic surgical operations, many of them also avail plastic surgery such as breast enlargement. The reason for this is very obvious. They want to bring back their body when they are not having a baby yet. During that time, they have firmer muscles and sexier curves. They also have more supple and toned skin. But after giving birth, it’s like every part of them has loosened and sagged. No muscle is toned and their body contour has changed significantly. From the sexy and attractive body, giving birth resulted to unappealing and kind of ugly body. The holidays are one great opportunity for them to have enough time for the operation and recovery period.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery has relevant data to prove the rise in surgical operations performed. The breast lift alone had a 96% increase from the 52,836 cases in 2000 to 103,788 cases in 2006. Add to that the whopping 4,384% increase in tummy tucks that include removal of lose skin and firming of saggy skin.


Surgery Package as Holiday Gifts

In other parts of the world such as in the United Kingdom, there is also an apparent increase in plastic surgery operations performed. Surgeons in the country normally report that there is an average increase of 50% in the number of women who avail breast augmentation, liposuction and facial plastic surgery operations during the month of December.

One main reason for this is that many people including men think of surgery gift certificates as practical and desirable gifts for women. There is larger population that is aware of plastic surgery and the different operations related to it. This is because of the many television shows that highlight women as models and their beauties that were enhanced more using plastic surgery. There are also shows that are actually about reshaping of the body. In short, a makeover that relies on procedures like liposuction and breast enlargement. In addition, plastic surgery clinics offer special deals during holidays that even make the demand for the different procedures a lot higher.

These are some of the major reasons why there is a significant and undeniable rise in the number of women who avail plastic surgery during holidays.