Anavar Cycle for FAST Results


Before using Anavar one must understand the right way to use this and it’s stacking. The hormone Oxandrolone or the drug Anavar is believed to be very safe among all the anabolic steroids on the market today. Since Anavar is mild, with least side effects but is very powerful it is gaining popularity among performance enhancers. This is the reason among women performers also Anavar has become very popular.

For women there is limited choice when it comes to anabolic steroids. So since Anavar is safe it has become the common choice among women.

Anavar cycles:

Since Anavar is very safe and effective for women it is also known as Girl steroid. But meantime it has the ability to produce good results for men also. But when it comes to cost Anavar is really expensive compared to other steroids. Of course many users feel that it is the most costly steroid.

If it is high quality tablet then one 10 mg tablet of Anavar costs $4. Otherwise also it costs at least $2 per tablet. Since men usually need higher doses to yield desired effects, for men it will cost more than women. But even after giving extra money Anavar cycle is worth because it comes with least side effects.

Since there is high demand for Anavar one should be very careful because there are manufacturers who release counterfeit Anavar. So it is better to buy this from trusted source. Visit the URL to grab more knowhow.

Dosage and results:

When it comes to men, Anavar is best suited for their cutting cycles. Even though women use it for bulking cycles, it is not effective for men in their bulking. This is because to see good results men must follow massive doses of this steroid.

Since there will not be any aromatization, the gained muscle will be lean muscle tissue. But it doesn’t make any sense to use it for bulking since it is too expensive. But in men it can be utilized well in their cutting cycles. This steroid is very effective in the process of recovery and preserving lean mass gained.

Anavar is also effective in enhancing metabolic activity. If the individual is already lean then usage of Anavar will definitely give then a hard look. Many users have experienced best results by using 50 mg to 80 mg of Anavar per day.

Few users also used 100 mg a day. But more than this is not recommended since at higher dose one may not experience any benefits. When it comes to cutting cycles, it is better to use Anavar at the end for 6-8 weeks. Since this drug is very expensive it is important to utilize its effects well by using it responsibly.

Females and anavar cycle:

Compared to men Anavar cycle is more beneficial for women users. But one must also know about the possible side effects. Anabolic steroids may result in issues like virilization in women. This will result in adverse side effects which are usually related to femininity.